Deepcoin’s Exclusive Deepcoin Grand Party Kick Started TOKEN 2049, Uniting Stakeholders For A Progressive Industry

Deepcoin, the most innovative crypto asset exchange, hosted the Deepcoin Grand Party on September 12 2023, at CÉ LA VI in Singapore.

The Deepcoin Grand Party was an exclusive event that was co-hosted with ABGA. Reportedly, the crypto night celebration lit up TOKEN 2049, bringing together different elements within the industry. Those in attendance got the opportunity to network and engage in deep discussions within the crypto and blockchain community and entertainment.

Deepcoin served as the Title Sponsor of the Deepcoin Grand Party, showing their commitment to progress and collaboration within the crypto industry. Following in the steps of its predecessor, the Grand Party, held during the Korea Blockchain Week 2023, the Deepcoin Grand Party provided another remarkable platform to unite stakeholders to drive a positive change and value for users.

While addressing the gathering, Ego Huage, founder and CEO of Deepcoin, shared his excitement about the event, stating:

“The Deepcoin Grand Party provided us with a remarkable platform to unite key stakeholders and influencers in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. We exceeded expectations in terms of engagement, networking, and insightful discussions. We were glad to witness the exchange of ideas and the forging of new partnerships, further cementing Deepcoin’s commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration within the industry. Our role as the Title Sponsor underscored our dedication to driving positive change and value for our users.”

The party began a week-long learning and networking opportunity that solidified Singapore’s position in the blockchain and crypto space. Notably, those in attendance included crypto enthusiasts, industry pioneers, and Key Stakeholders from around the globe. The event received much support from different partners and projects, including COBO, ABGA, Blockchain Space, Ballet, IVC, META-X, and Degame. 

Those in attendance also got the opportunity to hear from Discus Fish, founder and CEO of COBO, and Bobby Lee, the founder and CEO of Ballet, who highlighted the significance of the newly formed Web3 partnership.

Deepcoin has set itself as a leading cryptocurrency exchange by providing users with efficiency, security, and innovative trading experience. Deepcoin seeks to provide its users with in-depth innovation and long-term value orientation. The exchange is committed to creating the ultimate cryptocurrency trading experience that will ultimately bridge users to the Metaverse era. In its five years of operations, the exchange has amassed over 3 million registered users, recording over $1 trillion in cumulative trading. Currently, Deepcoin supports dozens of fiat currency deposit methods and trade of over 100 cryptocurrencies.

After the party, Deepcoin hosted a booth at TOKEN 2049 on the 13th and 14th of September, where the team showcased the exchange’s innovations and upcoming events. The booth, marketed by Deepcoin’s signature colour orange, also offered attendees branded peripheral gifts and a 50 USDT bonus for signing up on Deepcoin.

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