Didi Taihuttu Creates “Moon” Algorithm to Help Read BTC Trends

The Bitcoin Family – run by patriarch Didi Taihuttu, who has been discussed several times on Live Bitcoin News – has made a real name for itself in the crypto community. Six years ago, they sold everything they had and traded everything in for bitcoin so they could enjoy a life of travel and exploring exotic places.

Didi Taihuttu Has Created a New Way to Predict BTC’s Price

Not long ago, the family settled in Lagos, Portugal, which is considered one of the most crypto-friendly places in Europe. Taihuttu is also adding to his bitcoin legacy and influence after having developed a new algorithm that helps him determine the cycles of the moon, which he believes helps his bitcoin decisions and to determine where the asset’s price will go next.

Discussing his family’s long journey with crypto, Taihuttu said in a recent interview:

We just need a few thousand per month to live on, so our performance is not really important to us.

He and his family enjoy relatively moderate living conditions, though to be fair, they sound relatively luxurious in many ways. For example, Taihuttu resides in a villa on the coast that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. You can’t exactly say this is “moderate.” Most people in the U.S. would kill to have such a view.

Regarding his new “moon” algorithm, he says he developed it prior to the COVID pandemic, and it has aided all his crypto investing decisions from that day on. He commented:

From mid-November to the start of December 2022, we saw the first signs the bear market was completely over. It was confirmed in January 2023 when the long flag appeared in the model. People should have been buying bitcoin already because every bitcoin you bought at $16K, it’s at $30K now, so that’s almost 90 percent upside.

Since last year’s bottom, he says his BTC investments are up roughly 50 percent. He also says being in Portugal has really helped his family maintain their wealth and status and keep up appearances in the crypto arena. He mentioned:

You don’t pay any capital gains tax or anything else in Portugal on cryptocurrency. [So] long as you don’t earn cryptocurrency for providing services in Portugal, you’re in the clear. That’s a very beautiful bitcoin heaven.

How Does It Work?

Taihuttu created the “moon” algorithm because he said there wasn’t much out there that could truly help him the way he wanted. He stated:

It’s not just enough to know which indicators go into a formula. What you can’t see is the calculus and the code that [are implemented] over the stock conditions. Those calculations [are displayed] in charts… It’s a combination of Bollinger bands, lower and upper bands, NMA, red/green ribbon, Norm Stoch, RSI, price oscillator, plot, MACD, cross, Chande momentum oscillator, RSI-EMA, full moon, and new moon.

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