Digital Assets Advisory Firm Says Bitcoin Showing Signs of 4,400% Price Surge

Digital assets advisory firm Grayscale says the latest pattern displayed by Bitcoin is similar to the heroic 2016 trends that saw BTC touch an unprecedented 4,400 percent rally within two years.

Grayscale’s director of research, Phil Bonello, notes that there is a dynamic surge in the number of users keeping Bitcoin for future purposes.

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The percentage of holder coins – BTC that have not moved in one to three years – is on the up and up. Meanwhile, the percentage of speculator coins – BTC that have moved in the last 90 days – is on a decline, much like in 2016.

According to Bonello, In Grayscale’s Holder vs. Speculator Index, the proportion of holders coins, Bitcoins that have not moved in the last one to three years, continues to increase. While the proportion of speculator coins, the Bitcoins that were moved in the 90 days, keeps on dropping.

He says the rise in holder coins is a possible bullish sign, hence, the reverse will be the case for increasing speculator coins. He also maintained that there has been no higher amount of Bitcoin kept for over a year.

The indicators are suggestions of deep confidence in Bitcoin by investors. Bonello says although the measure is from a supply side, it affirms a growing appetite for Bitcoin’s use case as a store of value rather than selling. The indicator shows that consumers are involved in owning Bitcoin in spite of its high uncertainty, than never before.

January 2016, Bitcoin was changing hands at $434 in January 2016, and in less than two years, the digital currency rose to by 4,431 percent, touching $19,665, a price it has not reached again.

Grayscale Investments Reach a Mind-blowing Record of $900 million in Q2

Grayscale Investments digital asset manager in a recent report, disclosed a jaw-dropping trust fund of about 900 million USD of cryptocurrency as its inflows in the second quarter of the year.

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The aggregate inflows of the fund manager, for the first half of the year, almost amounted to about $1.4 billion, across its crypto funds range.

However, the majority of this fund is in Bitcoin and this is in tandem with its second-quarter highlight report.

It further added that 85% of the income was funds gathered from institutional investors.

Looking at it from another point of view, there has been proof that altcoin product is now majorly put into consideration against Grayscale’s Bitcoin’s trust.

In the first quarter, about 135.2 million USD, was committed into the Grayscale Ethereum Trust, thus, giving it an upper hand all the time.

Moreover, in the second quarter of 2018, Grayscale Investment’s Litecoin Trust and its Bitcoin Cash Trust experienced a huge influx of funds.

In the past twelve months, Grayscale’s numerous altcoin trusts have experienced a paradigm shift, as its aggregate funds inflow, is summed up to almost 650%.

Obtaining Bitcoin        

Misconstrue news have been flying around the internet about Grayscale buying up Bitcoin.

According to a report, Grayscale discovered that there was substantial inflow of funds into its Bitcoin Trust in May, compared to the amount of lately minted Bitcoin in the same era.

In a Tweet chat, Grayscale, on the other hand, specified that the assessment between its influxes and the newly-minted Bitcoin is distinctively explanatory.

The Tweet described lucidly, that Grayscale purchases lesser Bitcoin, which isn’t glaring to the public and it has only bought 31% of all novel Bitcoins excavated since the halving which is in contrary to the over 150% reported by many.

This is, however, one of out of several misconstrue statements uttered about Grayscale.

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