DOGE Founder Names Important Thing That Helped Him With Dogecoin Creation

Yuri Molchan

Billy Markus has made confession about what helped him create DOGE, aside from second creator Jackson Palmer

Billy Markus, one of the two founders of the original meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin, has admitted using a social media platform to help him create DOGE 10 years ago. Now, this social media has grown into a global giant with even better prospects than before.

“I did use it a bit in 2013 for DOGE creation”

Markus created DOGE together with Jackson Palmer and launched the meme coin to the market in 2013. He admitted in a comment to his recent tweet that one of the things that helped him create Dogecoin was Twitter.

He only used that social media platform founded by Jack Dorsey a little until 2020. However, in 2013, when he worked on DOGE, posting on Twitter apparently helped him tell the crypto community about Dogecoin.

Markus became an active Twitter user in 2020, as he admitted. Now, as Elon Musk bought Twitter in October 2022 for $44 billion and has recently rebranded it as X app, he began making fundamental changes on the platform to turn it into an “everything app.”

Elon Musk making Twitter more attractive app for creators by rebranding it to X

First of all, Musk added a monetization feature to it via Subscriptions, allowing content creators to make an income both from their followers through monthly fees and also by sharing advertising income with them.

Musk has also extended the length of posts, eliminating the micro-blogging feature of the former Twitter, and added an option to broadcast live videos on the app. Besides, he recently announced that X will not keep any percentage of creators’ income until the payout amount grows to $100,000. After that, X will begin to cut 10% off each withdrawal.

This whole discussion started with Markus’ ironic post saying “what’s the point of people who don’t use 𝕏?”

Crypto community still waits if Musk will introduce DOGE payments on Twitter

In a recent tweet (X post) Musk made an announcement of upcoming changes on the platform mainly to do with live video (new functions related to them) for members of X Premium.

The crypto community eagerly responded to that, including Billy Markus. Some users began asking Musk when DOGE payments are coming on the X app.

Even though Musk spoke about adding DOGE as a payment option on Twitter before he even bought the platform, he has remained silent about introducing Dogecoin on X despite multiple questions from X users to clarify his position on this.

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