DOGE Founder Says His X App Paycheck Shrinks, He Reveals Why

Yuri Molchan

One of Dogecoin founders shares his take on why his earnings on X app are diminishing so far

Billy Markus, who created the original meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin together with Jackson Palmer in 2013, has taken to X app (formerly known as Twitter) to share his joy about getting another paycheck from the platform as it shared advertising revenues with content creators.

However, Markus admitted that this time his check from X app was smaller than what he received prior to that just recently. Billy Markus is known on X as “Shibetoshi Nakamoto,” and his army of followers counts more than 2.1 million people.

DOGE creator’s paycheck on X gets smaller

This time, Markus admitted, the sum he earned was approximately 1/3 of what he was paid during the previous 14 days. Still, he wrote that he feels grateful for the opportunity to earn money for doing what he loves — just posting on X app. He considers these earnings made on his content “magic bonus money” that he greatly appreciates. “It’s absolutely crazy and amazing that I get paid anything at all to post on this app,” he added.

Markus believes that the reason for his paycheck shrinking is because the number of people who are getting paid is becoming smaller and his account reaches fewer people now, despite his pool of followers constituting 2.1 million.

Still, he believes “it’s all just a gift.”

In the middle of July, as reported by U.Today, Markus was named the second-biggest earner on X as he received $37,050 in the first block of payments made to creators by the company.

About a week ago, Markus shared that in the early days of this app, when it was still called Twitter, was about microblogging and was run by Jack Dorsey, he used this platform for the creation of Dogecoin, which he described as Bitcoin in a dog skin.

Elon Musk rolls out updates to help creators on X app

Recently, owner of X app, tech tycoon and innovator Elon Musk introduced several innovative features on the platform to make it more attractive for content makers. In particular, he has added longreads, live videos and is now testing audio and video calls. The latter would add more utility to the app not only for content writers but also for all users. Musk also mentioned that in the future, he also plans to add sections for dating and job hunting on this social media, to turn X into “the everything app.”

He also added monetization to the app, so that creators had a share in the advertising revenues. Aside from that, they can earn using the “Subscription” feature.

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