Don’t Know How To Move Funds From Shibarium To Ethereum

With Shibarium’s popularity growing with new users registered daily, a Shiba Inu team member influencer has disclosed detailed steps on how to withdraw digital assets from Shibarium to Ethereum. 

How-To Guide For Shibarium To Ethereum Withdrawals Unveiled

Shiba Inu marketing strategist Lucie released a three-part guide on Tuesday, August 29 in an X (formerly Twitter) post to help Shibarium users learn how to transfer their digital assets from the Shibarium network to Ethereum.

Following its relaunch a few days ago, Shibarium has been steadily growing and gaining new users regularly. The mainnet had previously recorded over 100,000 addresses days after its public launch. 

With new users swarming the network, Lucie has deemed it essential to provide detailed information to users who do not know how to navigate transactions between Shibarium and Ethereum. 

In the guide posted by Lucie, she illustrated several important steps to withdraw from Shibarium to Ethereum. She stated that users should have or fund their wallets with enough Ethereum tokens, ETH, to cover gas fees that would be charged during the transaction. 

Lucie urged users to be patient during their transaction process. She clarified that it’s not uncommon for transactions to be slow since L2 solutions utilizing a plasma bridge often have delays. Hence, users who are performing their transactions should not be flustered by a long waiting time. 

She also explained that most delays occur due to security checks and verifications which are important to safeguard user’s information and ensure that all transfers within the network are safe. 

“Delays stem from security checks, exit challenges, confirmations, bridge mechanics, high demand, and network updates. These ensure safe transfers amidst network intricacies,” Lucie stated. 

According to Shibarium Lead Developer, Shytoshi Kusaka, withdrawals on the layer 2 network’s bridge have been sluggish, taking 45 minutes to 3 hours to complete a transaction. 

Despite the slow pace in withdrawals, Shiba Inu’s price has been on an uptrend since the launch of the Shibarium mainnet. The cryptocurrency is currently growing to be one of the trendiest meme coins after Dogecoin. 

The SHIB ecosystem is also running new projects which has caught the interest of many crypto investors and may push its price higher. CEO of the Stock Dork, Adam Garcia, and CEO of, Jonathan Merry, have also predicted considerable growth for the doggy cryptocurrency. They stated that the Shiba Inu token is expected to reach $0.01 with the support of the Shibarium mainnet and its burn mechanism.

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