DoorDash Launches New AI Service to Take Clients’ Orders

DoorDash Launches New AI Service to Take Clients’ Orders

DoorDash, a food delivery service app, has launched an AI-powered answering service for its restaurant clients. According to an August 28 announcement, the new service will see customers get on the phone with AI bots instead of busy in-house staff as they order their takeout or delivery.

With the new service, DoorDash will be hoping to reduce the workload on staff who routinely juggle between attending to in-person customers and those who put a call through for their orders.

DoorDash Takes Food Takeout to Another Level

Per the announcement, the AI-powered service comes with multiple language options, with live agents available “to support customers at any time.” It will offer “curated recommendations” to customers that will complement their meals. But more interestingly, there is a reorder feature with which customers may return to the restaurant to make repeat orders of their favorite meals.

In a statement, a DoorDash spokesperson has revealed that the company will continue to seek ways to perfect the AI service. He said partly:

“DoorDash is committed to collaborating with restaurant partners to best identify how to support their needs, as a one-size-fits-all approach for phone ordering capabilities isn’t realistic.”

The spokesperson also admits that there is a possibility that customers encounter problems that neither AI nor the live agent can immediately help with. In such cases, the situation will be taken up by a store which will render additional support.

As of publication, DoorDash has not yet made the new service widely available. The platform says only “select operators” can use it for now. However, the launch appears to be a step in the right direction for DoorDash which has about 20% of its customers preferring to order food via the phone rather than make a physical appearance at the restaurant.

With the new move, DoorDash joins other companies that have incorporated AI with food ordering. Some examples include IHOP which currently uses AI to provide personalized food recommendations for online orders. Coinspeaker also recently reported that Uber Eats might be developing a chatbot for the same purposes.


DoorDash Launches New AI Service to Take Clients’ Orders

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