DraftKings top investor backs CoinScan to become ‘home page’ for crypto analytics

Crypto analytics platform CoinScan secured $6.3 million in a funding round that included Shalom MecKenzie, DraftKings’ largest private shareholder.

Per a Sept. 21 statement shared with CryptoSlate, CoinScan differs from other analytics platforms, providing free in-depth crypto charts alongside security features to give traders an edge in the market.

How CoinScan plans to revolutionize crypto analytics

CoinScan is set to bolster trader security by offering invaluable insights into crypto risks and rewards. The platform is rolling out a suite of protective features to combat scams, including a safety check, holder analysis, airdrop analysis, and social sentiment.

Furthermore, CoinScan aims to address the issues of price inconsistency and potential bias that plague some platforms. It intends to achieve this by providing in-depth charting insights and sourcing transparent data from diverse market channels.

CoinScan also introduces its pending transactions feature, allowing traders to preview a token’s price trajectory before confirming their transactions. Similarly, CoinScan’s market navigation page equips traders with the tools to compare and scrutinize similar tokens before investment decisions.

CoinScan’s CEO, Eliran Ouzan, underscores the platform’s mission of creating the crypto data solution they wished existed. He emphasizes the value of streamlining research and analysis processes to protect against scams, recognizing that nobody wants to spend excessive time navigating the intricacies of crypto data.

“We’re not just giving traders an edge, we’re introducing tools that allow new investors to enter the market with free, accessible, unbiased information that will allow them to succeed,” Ouzan added.

MecKenzie compared crypto to sports betting in his remarks and noted that users deserve tools that would provide risk and reward data. He added:

“CoinScan is introducing a hub of crypto information that users can finally trust for accurate, real-time insights. I see CoinScan as becoming the home page for anyone involved in the crypto industry.”

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