El Salvador Bitcoin City Attracts ‘First Resident’

Source: Daniel Umana/Adobe

El Salvador’s Bitcoin City has reportedly attracted its first international “resident,” with an American bitcoiner moving to the area where the city is being constructed.

Per the government-aligned newspaper Diario El Salvador, the man’s name is Corbin Keegan.

He was described as “an American bitcoiner who has […] settled on one of the beaches of Conchagua, in La Unión.”

Conchagua is the proposed site of Bitcoin City, an in-development tax-free haven for international bitcoiners.

Work has already begun on an airport project that will serve the city.

The media outlet reported that Keegan had been “attracted” to the nation by President Nayib Bukele’s “announcement about the construction of Bitcoin City.”

Keegan claimed that he had “brought forward his arrival to the country” and was “looking forward to seeing the evolution of the project.”

El Salvador: Bitcoin Beach Inspiration?

The American said:

“I believe that this place is going to be the best city on Earth, and it is going to be better than some can imagine. I am the first bitcoiner to arrive [in Conchagua], but I do know that there are many on El Zonte beach.”

El Zonte, also known as Bitcoin Beach, was the first major BTC-powered community to thrive in El Salvador.

It has been credited as providing the inspiration for Bukele’s eventual adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender in September 2021.

Keegan added:

“I came here because, of all the places I saw in El Salvador, this was my favorite.”

The media outlet noted that Keegan had “quickly gained” affection from “the community’s residents” and was keen to point out that he “proudly sports an El Salvador shirt.”

And, despite the fact that he reportedly “does not speak Spanish very well,” Keegen reportedly “tries to start conversations with his neighbors.”

Indeed, Keegan has updated his X (Twitter) page to show his location as “Conchagua, El Salvador.”

A screenshot of Corbin Keegan’s X (Twitter) bio.
Keegan’s X (Twitter) bio. (Source: Screenshot/X)

But his X page is also replete with posts that many groups, possibly including many of his new neighbors and the newspaper’s readers, could find offensive and reprehensible.

These include antisemitic sentiments.

Keegan has also posted seemingly far-fetched and unfounded claims about the dangers of coronavirus vaccinations.

Cryptonews.com has approached the newspaper for comment.

Regardless, the media outlet seemingly celebrated the fact that Keegan had taken up residence with a family that works in the fishing industry, and that the “new member of the household” supports the family “with their daily activities.”

Keegan noted:

“Bitcoin […] is going to be used on a global scale, and everyone has to adapt, like El Salvador, which is the […] cradle.”

He concluded that he pays for goods and services “only in Bitcoin, as much as I can,” but conceded that there are “some places where it cannot be used.”

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