Ethereum Alert: High Win Rate ETH Whale Eyes New Trading Opportunity After Experiencing First Loss

An astute Ethereum (ETH) whale with a high win rate, identified by the address 0xb15485a37a1e6759f0dff1bdccfc27c2c96c8b2e, transferred 6.3 million USDT back to Binance today, September 2, 2023, according to EmberCN, a crypto analysis Twitter account.

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This move has sparked speculation that the whale may be eyeing new buying opportunities. Known for a “buy low, sell high” strategy, the whale had been on a profitable streak since May 2023, successfully executing five trades before encountering a setback in August.

First Significant Loss

On August 14, 2023, the whale moved 22,340 ETH, valued at $41.1 million, into Binance and withdrew 12.88 million USDT just 20 minutes later. Following this transfer, the ETH price fell from $1,844 to $1,834.5, suggesting that the whale’s ETH holdings were likely partially or fully sold.

The investor triggered a stop-loss at $1,840 per ETH, resulting in a liquidation of 22,340 ETH. This investment cycle lasted one and a half months and led to a loss of approximately $1.27 million, or 2.7%.


Source: etherscan

After the stop-loss was triggered, the ETH price continued to decline for three consecutive days, culminating in a significant crash on August 17, 2023, when ETH fell by over 14% in a single day. At the time of writing, the ETH price stands at around $1,635.

Previous Trading Records

On June 28, 2023, the whale transferred 25,000 ETH ($47.25 million) purchased between June 8-10 into Binance in the early morning, aiming to realize a profit of $2.05 million.

At 0:30, when ETH rose to $1,890, the transfer to Binance was made.

By 1:00, ETH had reached its peak and began to decline.

At 2:00, the whale withdrew 15.9 million USDT from Binance.

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