Ethereum Price Analysis After Dip Below Crucial Support Level. Crypto Takes a Turn to This Altcoin

Ethereum saw significant price action over the past week, falling below a crucial support level of $2,000 on Monday after hitting a yearly all-time high of around $2,120 on Friday. This dip sparked discussion from several prominent analysts monitoring the Ethereum market.

On-chain analyst LookOnChain reported on X (Twitter) that Cumberland, a large crypto fund, deposited 9,000 ETH ($18.16 million) into Coinbase and Gemini exchanges in the past five hours. Additionally, Amber, another crypto fund, deposited 10,000 ETH ($20.18 million) to Binance four hours prior. 

When large funds deposit cryptocurrencies onto major exchanges like this, it typically indicates they plan to sell their holdings, exerting downward pressure on the price. Cumberland and Amber’s recent ETH deposits likely contributed to Ethereum falling below $2,000 support.

All Facts Crypto noted that the top 200 Ethereum wallets currently contain 62.76 million ETH worth $132.1 billion, up from 48.2 million ETH in November 2022. These wallets now control approximately 52% of Ethereum’s circulating supply. 

The growing concentration of ETH among these prominent holders increases their influence over market movements. If a few decide to liquidate large amounts, it risks triggering further sell-offs.

Michaël van de Poppe, a crypto analyst with 670,000 X (Twitter) followers, said that after potentially dipping as low as $1,800-$1,900, he remains bullish on Ethereum in the long-term. 

He anticipates ETH will break out of its 18-month trading range to ascend to new highs between $3,100-$3,600. So according to this view, the recent dip below $2,000 may prove a buying opportunity before Ethereum continues its uptrend in the coming months.

ETH is trading around $2,010 at the time of writing. 

Ethereum Founder’s Vision Includes Privacy and Account Improvements

In a recent speech in Turkey, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin outlined plans to enhance the network through technical upgrades. He mentioned integrating private mempools, which would allow transactions without publicly revealing users’ intentions – protecting their privacy and security against potential exploitation. 

Buterin also referred to ERC-4337, which specifies account abstraction standards. This could empower users with more control over accounts and make multi-signature wallets easier to use while strengthening security. If implemented, Buterin said these changes would have significant impacts on Ethereum developers and users.

So in the coming years, protocol upgrades may help Ethereum scale further and provide a more private, customizable experience.

The Rise of Bitcoin Minetrix Cloud Mining Platform

Despite broader crypto market uncertainties, one project that attracts investors’ attention is Bitcoin Minetrix. Its ongoing presale has already surpassed $4.5 million, demonstrating strong investor interest in this new decentralized cloud mining solution.

With the stage nine presale round closing in just over four days, now provides the most affordable entry point at the token’s current $0.0119 price – a figure which will rise 10% each subsequent sale stage.

Bitcoin Minetrix provides an innovative approach to crypto mining compared to hardware-intensive methods or lack of transparency with other cloud services. By purchasing and staking BTCMTX tokens, users gain cloud mining credits in the form of ERC-20 tokens.

These credits later redeem for real Bitcoin mining hash power through Minetrix’ green-energy powered data centers. This unique mechanism allows mainstream investors to participate in Bitcoin’s mining rewards through a low-entry, sustainable platform.

Presale participants not only gain upstream access but also earn substantial staking yields up to 141% before the mining activities even begin. And with Bitcoin Minetrix aiming to revolutionize the industry, early backers stand to benefit significantly if it achieves widespread adoption.

For those interested in mining Bitcoin but concerned over traditional challenges, Bitcoin Minetrix may offer a promising new alternative worth exploring.

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