Eyeball Games Gets Over $1 Million to Create Blockchain Version of Pool

Eyeball Games has recently gotten its hands on roughly $1.5 million in new funds to establish its new blockchain pool game.

Pool Comes to the Blockchain

We’ve likely all played pool. Whether it was at a friend’s or relative’s house, or because we were up one night at a bar with our amigos and we decided to get the billiard sticks out of the corner, we likely all have experience knocking a few balls around and pushing them into “side pockets,” but for those that haven’t, they now have the opportunity to do so in digital form on their phones or through some other technological tool.

The upcoming game will be known simply as “Eyeball Pool.” Eyeball Games – which is based in the country of Singapore – garnered the money through a wide array of venture capital companies including White Star Capital, which led the funding round. That company provided cash through its Digital Asset Fund division, which is led by leading game maker Ubisoft, the company behind the ever-popular “Assassin’s Creed” franchise. Other firms to take part included Polygon Ventures, Ocular, Immutable, and Great South Gate Ventures.

Jonathan Ivarsson – the CEO of Eyeball Games – explained in a recent statement:

We are delighted to gain the backing of prestigious investors for our first round of funding. We look forward to tapping into their knowledge and support to build a world-class game that gives players true ownership of their assets and pioneers a new approach to valuation creation.

Eddie Lee – a general partner at White Star Capital – also threw his two cents into the mix, commenting:

We believe that web3 has so much potential to improve gameplay experience beyond what’s possible today. We’re excited to partner with the Eyeball team and create a game that will be enjoyed by millions of people one day.

The new pool game will incorporate elements of web3 per statements from company executives. This, they say, will enhance user experiences and allow them the privilege of full asset ownership. The game is also being built by the creators of 8 Ball Pool, which presently stands as the most popular pool game in the world for mobile devices.

Still so New!

The game is also set to be released in phases rather than all at once. In the beginning, users can expect a beta test to be unveiled on the web for holders of the game’s non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The first full launch of the game is presently scheduled for quarter one of 2024. From there, the NFTs will convert into what executives refer to as game start packs, which contain unique items specific to the game.

The 13-employee Eyeball Games is still a relatively new company, having been founded just over a year ago in July 2022.

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