Francis Suarez Says “Yes” to BTC Donations

Francis Suarez – the republican mayor of Miami who recently threw his hat into the presidential ring – has announced his intention to accept crypto donations for his campaign.

Francis Suarez to Accept BTC Donations

This should come as no surprise given what a bitcoin bull Suarez is. He even announced back in 2022 when he began his term as mayor that he would like to garner his paycheck in BTC. He said at the time:

I’m going to take my next paycheck 100% in bitcoin… Problem solved!

Discussing his decision to accept BTC donations for his White House run, Suarez said in a televised ad:

Officially, my campaign is accepting bitcoin. This is a process of developing technologies that are going to create democratizing opportunities for wealth creation and are not manipulated by a human being’s ulterior motives, political goals, etc.

Donations can be for as little as one dollar or 0.00034 BTC at the time of writing. All people need to do is go to to send in their cash.

In the same ad, Suarez expressed his disappointment with the Biden administration’s handling of digital currencies. He said:

The biggest mistake that this administration has made is they don’t understand crypto, so they have gone to a regulated-by-enforcement mechanism as opposed to setting the ground rules. You [need] to be able to classify certain digital products. You have to be able to have certain guidelines and rules that are clear with respect to the custody of assets.

He also mentioned that he would ensure a central bank digital currency (CBDC) never entered the United States, something that has been mirrored in the DeSantis campaign. Suarez said:

Nobody wants the federal government [to know] where you have your money and how much money you have… I don’t think that there’s anything particularly innovative about that.

Suarez isn’t the only man accepting crypto donations for his presidential campaign. This move was also taken by democrat Robert Kennedy Jr., who appears to be as much the crypto bull as the Miami mayor. In the past few months alone, Kennedy has said that he would like to do away with all capital gains taxes for crypto transactions that fall below a certain threshold.

Crypto: A Hot Topic This Year

The republican governor of Florida Ron DeSantis – who’s also running for president – has found a way to bring crypto into his campaign by commenting that the crypto war Biden has instilled will end as soon as he enters the White House. Vivek Ramaswamy – another republican making a run for the role of leader of the free world – has mentioned that he wants to give crypto miners various incentives should he win the race next year.

Clearly, bitcoin and crypto are becoming hot topics in the American political spectrum.

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