FTX Customers Hit by Fresh Email Phishing Attack

FTX Customers Hit by Fresh Email Phishing Attack

It appears that FTX customers are not catching a break anytime soon as they’ve had to deal with one issue or the other since the exchange imploded last November. In their latest ordeal, some former customers of the now-defunct FTX have narrated how they recently became victims of a new phishing email attack.

The bad actors targeted the attack on FTX-registered emails, leaking some of the customers’ personal information including phone numbers, home addresses, and account balances.

Luckily, however, crypto account passwords and other sensitive information were not breached.

FTX Customers Get ‘Hopeful’ Withdrawal Email

Recall that since the shut down of FTX in November, billions of dollars belonging to its users have been locked up in the exchange. And, since then, FTX customers have eagerly waited on bankruptcy proceedings to at least help them claim their locked-up funds.

It is this anxiety that the attackers decided to build on once they got their hands on customer data. The scammers promised to return funds to users on the condition that they first connect a crypto wallet to their accounts.

As intercepted by Coinspeaker, part of the email sent to several FTX creditors reads:

“You have been identified as an eligible client to begin withdrawing digital assets from your FTX account.”

The email further promises the users that funds will be dispatched in USDC which is equivalent to the balance of digital assets they held in their wallets at the time the platform paused.

FTX, however, has warned that such a phishing mail is likely to drain one’s token holdings. Proactively, the platform has also placed a temporary freeze on affected user accounts within the customer claims portal.

It might also be worth noting that the new phishing attack comes barely a week after Kroll was hit by a SIM swap attack. That was after Kroll was appointed by FTX to be the claims agent in its bankruptcy proceedings.


FTX Customers Hit by Fresh Email Phishing Attack

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