Genesis Drops Bombshell: Alleges Massive $610 Million Debt Owed By DCG

Genesis Global Capital, the cryptocurrency lending unit that filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection earlier this year, has taken legal action against its parent company, Digital Currency Group (DCG). The lawsuit comes as both parties grapple with the repayment of more than $610 million in loans that reached maturity back in May.

According to Genesis Global Capital’s lawyers, the roots of this dispute date back to a “master loan agreement” established in 2019 between Genesis and DCG. This agreement laid the groundwork for what has now escalated into a complex legal battle. 

According to recent reports, Genesis claims that it extended loans totaling over 18,000 bitcoins to DCG in 2022, subsequently converting this debt into a fixed-term loan.

Genesis Seeks To Recover $500 Million And 4,550 Bitcoins

In a formal complaint filed with the Manhattan bankruptcy court, GGC is pursuing the recovery of a substantial sum. Specifically, it aims to reclaim $500 million that DCG borrowed through four loans. 

Additionally, Genesis has lodged a separate complaint, seeking the retrieval of 4,550 bitcoins valued at approximately $117 million. These Bitcoins are owed by DCG’s affiliate, Digital Currency Group International, under a fifth loan.

DCG’s Response And Promises Of Resolution

In response to the lawsuit, DCG released a statement on Wednesday in which it expressed its intention to file a settlement with the bankruptcy court in the near future. 

“At that point, we will initiate the distribution of funds and continue on the path to significant recovery for Genesis creditors,” the statement reads.

Notably, DCG is a prominent player in the cryptocurrency industry, known for its ownership of CoinDesk, a reputable crypto news website, and Grayscale, a leading digital asset manager. Unlike its subsidiary Genesis, DCG has not sought bankruptcy protection despite the ongoing legal dispute.

Genesis’s History Of Lending To Troubled Hedge Funds

Genesis Global Capital’s legal battle with DCG is not its first encounter with financial turbulence in the cryptocurrency space. The lending unit had previously extended substantial loans to prominent hedge funds Three Arrows Capital and Alameda Research, both of which filed for bankruptcy in 2022. These events underscore the volatility and risks associated with cryptocurrency lending.

GGC’s decision to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in January, only two months after suspending withdrawals, underscores the challenges faced by cryptocurrency lending firms in a volatile market. 

As the lawsuit unfolds in the Southern District of New York’s bankruptcy court, the cryptocurrency community will be closely watching the outcome. The dispute between GGC and Digital Currency Group highlights the growing legal complexities and challenges within the rapidly evolving world of digital assets.

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