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Amid the long-lasting pandemic, a software company that offers data trust service with the use of blockchain technology, Ubrich GmbH, is now set to spread the adoption of IOTA technology among travelers at Germany’s largest airport, Frankfurt.

While COVID-19 test is now a mandatory certificate for traveling in most countries, Ubrich GmbH, designed a technology christened “Digital Corona Test Certificate.” The technology was built to help ensure transparency and immutability in the COVID-19 test with the use of IOTA technology.

The development was first made available by a member of the IOTA community with the pseudonymous name “milancheck” on Twitter. He claimed that IOTA technology is now being used as an underlying technology at a COVID-19 test center in Frankfurt Airport.

However, the authenticity of the news was later confirmed true.

Ubirch designed the IT infrastructure to help verify people’s COVID status in a way that is compliant with the data protection standards in Europe under the GDPR framework.

The avid IOTA community member who is also an engineer Ranorex, a software development company, mentioned that he found the Corona test center at Frankfurt airport.

He disclosed the information on January 7 on Twitter with delight, revealing that he is proud of IOTA and what the technology has been achieving in recent times.

“Milancheck” mentioned that he can only share limited information about the development.

This is huuugeee neeeews! ADOPTION! ONWARDS!

The technology is being used by the Centogene coronavirus testing center at Germany’s largest airport.

According to Cointelegraph, a representative of Ubirch said with the new technology, it is now easy for airlines to verify correctly the status of an individual’s SARS-CoV-2 certificate. He explained that the airline officials would verify by scanning a QR Code at the entry point.

The company also confirmed that it is working closely with IOTA closely to ensure the success of the technology.

However, while some expert is still skeptical about the level potency of the “proof-of-health” solutions, VeChain blockchain is also being used this kind of verification. To avoid quarantine, visitors at Cyprus largest airport used VeChain-powered solution E-HCert application to provide the government with a certified test result from the Mediterranean Hospital in Cyprus.

Also, a number of big firms like hotels and Ferry Company have also adopted VeChain technology to ensure the safety of their workers and customers during this pandemic period.

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