Google to allow ads on NFT games from 15 September

Google has announced that it will allow ads on NFT games from 15 September, as long as they are not gambling games. 

The new decision is part of an update to the search engine’s new advertising policy on cryptocurrencies and related products.

Google and the new cryptocurrency and NFT advertising policy for September

Google has updated its advertising policy for the crypto, blockchain and NFT sector for the month of September 2023.

Specifically, the search engine said that advertisers offering blockchain-based and NFT games will be allowed to place new ads.

In practice, all NFT games that allow players to purchase in-game items that are consumed or used in the game to enhance the user’s experience or help them progress in the game will be allowed. 

By in-game items, Google means, for example, virtual clothing for characters, weapons or armour with enhanced stats. 

Conversely, Google excludes all blockchain-based and NFT games that involve gambling and betting.

Google and NFT games ads: gambling and betting games excluded

The internet giant went on to describe exactly which NFT games will not be allowed to run ads. 

The list includes the promotion of social casino games that reward NFT, such as poker, slots or roulette that offer the chance to win non-fungible tokens. 

In addition, Google’s new crypto ad policy also excludes games where players can wager NFTs in exchange for the chance to win something of real value (including other NFTs).

For these types of games, advertisers will need to comply with the Gambling and Gaming Policy and be certified by Google Ads. 

Google then goes on to emphasise that, in addition to these rules, it is important that all advertisers of NFT games also comply with local laws in the area where their ads are targeted. 

For those who fail to comply with this updated policy, Google will suspend the account with a warning at least 7 days before suspension.

Bans, re-openings and updates. 

Google had banned crypto in 2018, banning cryptocurrency-related advertising on its platforms. All this without indicating at the time whether this ban was temporary or permanent. 

On 3rd August 2021, the internet giant would again decide to reopen its doors to the crypto sector, initially accepting that advertisers in the United States would promote their companies as exchanges or wallets. 

In this case, US advertisers would have to be certified by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). 

Today, Google is updating this to include NFT games, although the above rules apply globally.

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