Half a Million Shibarium Wallets Embrace Shiba Inu Innovation in Record-Breaking Launch

Gamza Khanzadaev

Shiba Inu protocol Shibarium zooms close to 500,000 wallets merely 72 hours into launch

In a surprising turn of events, Shibarium, the latest creation by Shiba Inu, has achieved a noteworthy milestone, garnering nearly 500,000 wallets in just 72 hours since its introduction. This eagerly awaited network has managed to regain attention due to its substantial growth figures.

Recent data from explorers reveals that the Shibarium network has shown a rapid increase, now hosting an impressive 431,000, just a little short of half a million. This substantial rise comes after U.Today’s report of 300,000 addresses just the previous day, signifying 44% growth within a day.

Source: Shibariumscan

However, the accomplishments do not end there; the network’s transaction activity also catches the eye. The Shiba Inu network has seen a steady surge in transactions, reaching an impressive 600,000 transactions. Equally noteworthy, the node validators responsible for processing blocks have handled an impressive 384,000 blocks in just a matter of days, averaging 5.1 seconds per block.

Up only for Shibarium

The story that emerges is one of persistence and steady progress. Shibarium’s journey, though uncertain at its launch, now stands as a symbol of overcoming challenges. What began with some skepticism has evolved into a substantial achievement. With half a million Shibarium wallets now in use, SHIB innovation takes center stage, marking a significant moment in the crypto landscape.

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