Important Shibarium Announcement Issued by SHIB Team

Member of the Shiba Inu team and admin of the Shibarium Tech channel on Telegram RagnarShiba has made an “important announcement” concerning the ongoing activity of SHIB developers on the Shibarium testnet.

One of his comments about this vividly describes something intriguing that he believes to be found there: “Something’s cooking.”

“Something’s cooking” on Shibarium testnet

RagnarShiba posted a screenshot of another SHIB team member, Discord channel admin DaVinci.

The latter stated that the information that can be found on the Puppynetscan explorer (used for tracking various metrics of Shibarium testnet Puppynet) shows that the Shiba Inu team of developers led by enigmatic Shytoshi Kusama is busy working on something — “ongoing development and activities by developers of Shibarium.” “Keep an eye on this,” DaVinci the admin urges the SHIB community.

In the meantime, a peek into Puppynetscan indeed shows that the testnet of Shibarium that has been running since the middle of March has been actively used, with transaction metrics skyrocketing both on a daily basis and in all.

Multiple metrics surge on Puppynet 

The overall number of transactions on Puppynet stands at 48,789,442. There is also a peak in daily transfers today as they have increased to 412,220 transactions. Compared to this, on Shibarium mainnet this week, the total count of transactions surpassed the record 4,100,000 level.

The total number of tokens created on the testnet has increased to 2,436, and the amount of blocks minted on Puppynet surged to 2,995,000. The number of BONE transfers constitutes 20,380,000.

By today, the number of accounts on Puppynet surged to 3,195,850 on Nov. 8 and has not changed since then.

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