InQubeta (QUBE) Set for Huge Uptrend


Positive expectations for cryptocurrency investment are currently at an all-time high. Various tokens have recorded explosive surges in price and a rapid influx of investors as they position on investments that tease certainties of constant gains. Ripple (XRP) is one of these top-performing cryptocurrencies. The token recently had over $100 million injected into it, triggering predictions of a potential flight to $1.35.

Meanwhile, Filecoin (FIL) and InQubeta (QUBE) have not been excluded from this market-wide positive sentiment. Both currencies have gained momentum since the beginning of the fourth quarter: Filecoin attracts investors to its ecosystem, while InQubeta is blazing through milestones in its crypto ICO. Analysts now see these gains as evidence that an upswing in both tokens is about to start.

Let’s examine the expected trend of QUBE and FIL and the possibility of new highs for XRP.

InQubeta’s (QUBE) Stellar Presale Performance Hints At Potential Bullish Rally 

InQubeta’s native token, QUBE, has made the rounds as a high-performance token as investors move to secure investments in its presale due to the likely profitable future of the project. InQubeta is among the most robust DeFi companies affiliated with artificial intelligence providing a place for AI startups to mint the best NFTs to invest in. These NFTs have the value of the AI projects minted into them, and they are then listed on InQubeta’s NFT marketplace where investors can purchase them.

Early investors could become millionaires when the QUBE token launches and institutional adoption begins. This is why its crypto ICO has recorded a remarkable sale of over 520 million QUBE and raised over $5.1 million. The token has impressively climbed 130% from its initial value of $0.007 to $0.0161, displaying its reputation for delivering on promised profits. QUBE is slated to hit $0.0308 by the end of the presale, which allows new investors to make a 90% profit before QUBE launches on exchanges and skyrockets.

InQubeta will also include various rewarding opportunities and staking benefits into its DeFi platform, ensuring users’ residual income. Analysts are optimistic that the InQubeta launch could trigger a meteoric surge. Experts have confirmed that the platform’s success is rare for developing DeFi companies. If QUBE continues to grow at this pace, it could be worth more than cryptocurrency giants soon.

Filecoin’s (FIL) Network Adoption Spike Suggests Massive Upside Growth 

The presence of Filecoin has been steadily felt in recent months, with indicators hinting at a possible surge in the value of its token, FIL. The Filecoin storage network has been expanding its ecosystem, and these developments increased demand for its storage offerings by 45% in Q3 this year. The FIL token has recorded over 80% recovery from last month’s lows, hinting at preparations to target previous highs before the end of the year. The platform is on the rise, and upcoming developments to the Filecoin network could contribute to the expected uptrend of FIL.

Ripple (XRP) Could Target New Highs, According To Analyst

Ripple witnessed a massive inflow of over $100 million during a market spike on November 14. The spike was due to rumors of a BlackRock Ethereum ETF filing, which pumped bullish momentum into the market. The price of XRP corrected that day, leading to a rise in investor interest in the platform. CryptoInsightUK, a cryptocurrency expert, has predicted that XRP will rise to $1.35. The RSI indicator displaying equal lows and the token printing a higher low means that bearish prices are slowing down and bullish hands are growing on Ripple.


The crypto bull run is close, and XRP is ready for a huge rise. Filecoin and InQubeta will also target higher prices because of their recent performances and platform developments. As Filecoin’s price chart suggests favorable prices, InQubeta’s offerings of the best NFTs to invest in confirm its long-term potential to surge, providing investors with returns. The platform’s achievement of millions of dollars in its token presale gives it a solid foundation to skyrocket. The QUBE presale is a very lucrative opportunity, and investors should get it while it’s still at a discount.

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