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Elon Musk always manages to find a way to hit the headlines. A few months ago his tweets about dog-themed meme coins took the market by storm and this time it’s because of his social media website X, formerly known as Twitter. X recently marked its foray into decentralized finance after it secured a currency transmitter license from Rhode Island. The license is necessary for any company offering cryptocurrency-related services.

Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency market has also been abuzz with speculation about the bullish prospects of Dogecoin and InQubeta (QUBE). These two tokens are being called the altcoins to watch out for in 2023 by many analysts. Both cryptocurrencies can potentially smash many crypto records with a strong performance over the next few months. While Dogecoin is a popular altcoin, InQubeta is a newly launched project that helps startups working with artificial intelligence land funding opportunities. 

Despite being rolled out just a few months ago, InQubeta is topping analysts’ best cryptocurrency ico lists for the year because of its presale growth. So far, the project has collected over $2.4 million in presale funding.

InQubeta: Securing futures with DeFi and AI 

InQubeta is a one-of-its-kind platform that allows AI-based startups to unlock new avenues of growth by scoring fundraising opportunities from genuine investors. The platform has been launched at a time when many startups are struggling to find investment to finance their projects. The investors also stand to gain as they get to explore projects that are in tandem with next-generation technologies even before they hit the market. Users will be able to reap the ‘early-bird’ advantage. The platform’s native cryptocurrency is the QUBE token which comes in handy while dealing with various kinds of transactional purposes and giving out rewards.

The QUBE token can be bought on presale and it has garnered great response in its past presale stages. The only thing that you need to be careful about is that the token has a 12-week lock-in period. Buyers will be able to access their purchased tokens only after the vesting period ends. The vesting period has been introduced to ensure that QUBE tokens are released in the market in a phased manner and to avoid creating a glut.

What stands out about this ERC-20 token is its deflationary model which can shield users’ returns when the market gets volatile or inflation hits hard. The deflationary model keeps the token supply scarce by regularly burning extra tokens in circulation and letting the demand exceed the cryptocurrency’s supply. The supply scarcity not only curbs price fluctuations but also keeps the token value stable. 

The QUBE token also plays an important role in the governance structure of the platform. As a decentralized platform, there’s no central authority calling the shots. Instead, all stakeholders are involved in the decision-making process. If a community member wants to pitch a change that could improve the scope of the InQubeta protocol, they can move a proposal for the same. The proposal is then put to a vote and all QUBE token holders vote for the proposal. A proposal will be implemented only if it’s approved by all community members.

Startups that are interested in exploring funding opportunities on InQubeta have to decide what they would like to offer the investor in exchange for the finances. The offer could range from a share in the company’s equity or a corresponding reward level. These offers are tokenized, minted as NFTs, and then made available on InQubeta’s NFT marketplace where investors can assess them. If an investor agrees to the terms laid down by the startups, they can pay for the NFT using their QUBE tokens. What’s more, these NFTs can be purchased either as a whole or in smaller fractions. Thanks to fractionalization, even small-time investors can invest in startups with InQubeta.

Dogecoin: Stealing the spotlight in the meme coin sector

Dogecoin can be credited with making animal-themed meme coins all the rage worldwide. The meme coin is also among the earliest cryptos to have been rolled out and is one of the most traded cryptocurrencies globally. Its native cryptocurrency is the DOGE token and it’s the official medium of exchange of the Dogecoin ecosystem. Though the meme coin uses the proof-of-work consensus algorithm, the mechanism differs from regular platforms as the algorithm leverages Scrypt technology. Given its impressive features, it won’t be wrong to call it a token that will make you forget all your worries about what cryptos to buy now. Many experts have predicted a huge price rally for the DOGE token in the long term. 


If you’re looking for the best cryptocurrency to buy in today’s market, an important factor to consider is a token’s growth potential. Between Dogecoin and InQubeta, most analysts would recommend the latter because of its state-of-the-art model where crypto users can contribute to the growth of the startup ecosystem while creating a sustained source of income that can secure their financial future. At the same time, its robust security framework and deflationary coin not only shield users’ privacy but also their assets. Head over to the QUBE presale and get a chance to accumulate this new cryptocurrency at attractive rates. 

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