Kraken accelerates crypto adoption with ground-breaking partnership with F1 team Williams Racing

Kraken recently announced that it is leading the way in crypto adoption through its partnership with F1 Team Williams Racing. See below for full details.

Cryptos revolutionise the world of F1 with Kraken

As expected, at the meeting of the crypto and motorsport worlds, Kraken, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, announced a partnership with Formula 1 team Williams Racing.

This collaboration, described in Kraken’s official blog, brings together two entities known for their technological innovation, a shared vision of financial evolution and a strong commitment to the community.

Specifically, the Kraken logo will be visible on the airbox and rear wing of Williams Racing’s FW45 single-seater during the Rolex Australian Grand Prix of Formula 1. 

This visual representation goes beyond mere branding and symbolises Kraken and Williams Racing’s joint commitment to promoting the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

However, beyond the branding aspect, this partnership will create bespoke collectible digital experiences designed to capture the attention of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and motorsport fans alike.

In fact, for the first time, owners of certain digital collectibles on KrakenNFT will have the opportunity to display their NFTs on the Williams Racing car, highlighting Kraken’s commitment to engaging the community. 

In other words, this collaboration between Kraken and Williams Racing highlights the ever-growing intersection between cryptocurrencies and traditional industries.

Mayur Gupta, Kraken’s Marketing Director, said:

The collaboration offers a vision of the promising future of finance and community interaction, where technological innovation and proven excellence converge to shape a dynamic landscape. 

Kraken and Williams Racing are the embodiment of the potential born from the union of excellence, revolutionary performance and innovation. Both are long-standing brands.

Kraken founder Jesse Powell exposes incompetence of SBF’s FTX VCs 

Recently, Kraken founder Jesse Powell expressed his displeasure with the venture capital firms (VCs) that invested in Sam Bankman-Fried’s (SBF) FTX, stating that their lack of competence allowed for blatant fraud.

According to Powell, the VCs did not carry out due diligence to identify possible inconsistencies within the company in question. 

Instead, they were misled by the personality promoted by SBF.

According to Powell, the investors failed to consider how SBF’s FTX relationship with Alameda might have affected the company’s overall operations. 

Nor did they consider that conflicts between Alameda and FTX could become problematic for a company whose primary objective was not to lose money, Powell said.

The ongoing trial in New York against SBF has revealed how it ran the company in a haphazard manner without taking adequate corporate measures to protect investors. 

Unsurprisingly, damning testimony and evidence from former top executives such as FTX co-founder Gary Wang and Alameda CEO Caroline Ellison have shocked the crypto community.

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