LandX Closes Private Round Securing Over $5 Million In Private Funding

Renowned agricultural finance protocol, LandX announced it had exceeded expectations by closing its private investment round with over $915,000, bringing the total raised to an impressive $5 million. 

LandX is committed to bridging the agriculture financing gap which is exemplified by providing upfront capital to farmers secured by underlying farmland, offering sustainable yield backed by tangible assets.

This success strongly indicates LandX’s potential to tokenize real-world assets on-chain. Embarking on a new phase, LandX is set to launch its public round this week, offering a chance for a wider audience to acquire the LNDX governance token.

With a limited supply of 3,000,000 tokens priced at $0.50 USDC, the public sale operates on a first-come, first-served basis. The LandX community enjoys priority access starting December 4th, while the general public gains entry starting December 10th.

The public round aligns with LandX’s vision of democratizing access to agricultural financial products through blockchain technology. This pioneering project introduces agricultural commodity assets and tokenized farmland into the decentralized finance ecosystem. Using innovative xTokens, LandX creates inflation-hedged, uncorrelated digital assets that are tradable on decentralized exchanges 24/7.

The core of LandX’s ecosystem is the LNDX token, offering stakeholders a sustainable and efficient agricultural finance platform. Token holders, when staked, earn a share of platform fees and participate in governance decisions. Notably, the limited distribution of LNDX and token lock-ins for private and seed investors provides a unique opportunity in the rapidly expanding decentralized finance sector.

The public round, accessible to anyone with an Ethereum wallet, invites capital allocation and investment in LNDX tokens. LandX expresses gratitude to its community, emphasizing that their support and feedback shape the future of agricultural finance. As the platform gears up for the official launch on December 15th, users can explore the full potential of LandX’s innovative financial ecosystem.

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