Launch of Zircuit Public Testnet; New ZK Rollup Backed by Trailblazing L2 Research

The public testnet for Zircuit, a novel zero-knowledge rollup supported by groundbreaking L2 research, was made available today. All Ethereum dApps and wallets are supported by Zircuit, which is completely EVM compatible and enables the deployment of any Ethereum dApp on Zircuit with little modification. On Monday, November 13th, Zircuit will hold a multi-day event during Devconnect to commemorate the launch.

The Zircuit team has led several research efforts over the past 1.5 years, including rollup compression, security tooling, and scalable cryptography. As a result of this study, the Ethereum Foundation funded funding for research on Layer 2 (L2). The team’s latest technological innovations and research findings are combined in Zircuit’s impending testnet to provide developers with an advanced L2 environment.

Utilizing these developments in research, Zircuit employs a hybrid strategy that blends optimistic infrastructure with the most recent zero-knowledge proofs. Creating new compression algorithms speeds up transactions and saves users’ gas while more effective proof generation lowers fees. With this cutting-edge integration, developers can easily transfer well-known dApps to Zircuit without making expensive modifications.

Before releasing their dApps on the Ethereum mainnet, developers can test them in an ideal environment with Zircuit. Zircuit’s sequencer-level security prevents unauthorized transactions while enabling developers to detect attempted hacking. For developers looking to test something new, Zircuit offers a low-risk, quick solution because setup only takes a few minutes, and transactions are inexpensive.

Zircuit’s exclusive rollup and ZK technology combo offer end users a more efficient experience. Without requiring learning a new programming language or framework, Ethereum apps may effortlessly deploy onto Zircuit, allowing Zircuit to readily stay up to date when popular Ethereum applications receive changes. Because of this compatibility, users may take advantage of these dApps’ increased features, speed, and cost savings without needing to pick up any additional skills.

“Our research on rollups led us to create an L2 scaling solution that is breaking new ground and paving the way for a new generation of rollups. It’s taking the existing technology further and easing use for developers and dApp users,” said Dr. Jan Gorzny, Head of L2 Scaling at Zircuit.

Developers and projects from all throughout the web3 ecosystem are welcome to join Zircuit’s testnet. Projects will get help and rewards, including developer training, readiness support, and onboarding.

Zircuit is holding a four-day event at Devconnect where guests may interact with the Zircuit team, learn more about the testnet launch, and socialize with other web3 community members. You can get tickets at

Visit or to read the developer docs for additional information about Zircuit.

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