Luke Stokes: Blockchain Could Easily Save the World

In a recent discussion, roundtable leader Rob Nelson and crypto evangelist Luke Stokes sat down to discuss the state of the global economy, which as we can see, is not in the best shape. The conversation then turned to blockchain and how it could potentially solve the problems associated with the world’s economic frailty.

Blockchain: The Solution to the World’s Problems?

Nelson started things off by saying:

Most people in this country feel like the economy’s a mess. Most people in the world feel like the world’s a mess. I don’t think there’s a whole lot of places you go, and people are like everything’s rocking.

He further stated that while people may experience individual happiness, they’re generally worried about the overall state of the world, and it’s likely in the back of their minds every day. This sentiment was echoed by Stokes, who commented:

Things were broken in 2008 when this first started. This whole bitcoin revolution and many professionals are like, ‘It’s much worse now we all know that they’ve been printing trillions and trillions of dollars just out of nothing.’

He then mentioned that by fixing the current state of money, the state of the world would be fixed, and he thinks it’s time for a new system, possibly one led by blockchain.

Over the past three or four years, we have seen things fall in ways nobody could have anticipated. Between rampant inflation, spiking interest rates, job losses, and many people now being cut off from things like cars and homes, one could easily suggest that we’re in a time that mirrors the Great Recession from 15 years ago, and it’s pretty darn scary.

Stokes said blockchain could easily be the answer everyone is looking for. Thanks to its transparency and cleanliness when compared with traditional banking systems (which he suggests have failed everyone at this point), people can always be aware of the financial goings-on right in front of them. He mentioned:

Here’s this ledger that actually works. It’s immutable. You can’t just go make changes and do fraudulent things with it, and it’s something that the whole world gets to agree on, and we don’t have anything like that. We’ve never had something like that… When you engage with this ecosystem and you start actually participating in communities that have shared treasuries and they want to make decisions together on how to do stuff, that’s when you’re going to start seeing the adoption.

Get Familiar with It!

Nelson concluded by mentioning it was time everyone did their research on the technology and that they see, finally, that blockchain can extend beyond crypto. He said:

Even if bitcoin didn’t become what it could become, blockchain and web3 still have a future that’s going to affect all of us.

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