McAfee Walks Out On $GHOST, Says It Is a Dead Coin

A few days after John McAfee came to the internet to boast about $GHOST network, he is seen in a Tweet chat yesterday, disclosing to the public how he has dumped the $GHOST privacy coin project.

McAfee, in a bid to buttress his point, says, the management of the network is incapacitated and there’s no surety that $GHOST has a secured future. Meanwhile, this is an ecosystem that was supposed to power his privacy-first cryptocurrency network.

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A week ago, saw McAfee, announcing on the Bird social media bird the prominent features of Ghost. He further invited Twitter community to join the network’s Telegram, emphasizing on the fact that $GHOST is the ‘future’.

After a few days, John is seen on the same platform, apologizing to the community about how he’s misled those that ended up becoming $Ghost token holder. John says, Sorry, I owe apologies to those I led astray.

It’s saddening that since McAfee announced the death of $GHOST, the coin has lost its value. The price of the coin has drastically fallen by over 50%, from $0.7-$0.27, he says.

Before making the announcement, McAfee uploaded a video of a woman ejaculating out of a moving vehicle. In explaining the clip, he says, the path to success entailed getting over shit immediately. This shows that obviously, McAfee has moved on.

He revealed that he’ll substitute the $GHOST privacy coin with a new one and he proposes airing his Ghost Phone Service on 30th, September. This idea will help people make use of their phones with extreme privacy.

Is $GHOST Dead As McAfee Proclaimed?

Despite McAfee declaring $GHOST coin a dead project, the team hasn’t given up on the project.

The development is ongoing on the coin, as all it has to offer hasn’t been tampered with, a member of the $GHOST development team said yesterday.

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After several attempts had been made to get in touch with the team members, they clearly stated that $GHOST is not a one-man business, but a decentralized and open-source project. It is much bigger than one person, whether you are John McAfee or not.

The team did not reveal why John left the platform, but says he’s in no way involved in their daily operations, nor has he ever got involved in any of the technology or building of $GHOST.

They called him, loose cannon and in response, McAfee says he’ll rather bear the name, ‘loose cannon’, for leaving the $GHOST company, instead of supporting any bullshit.

Here’s What You Should Know About $GHOST

GHOST is a proof of stake ecosystem, controlled by GHOST users and token holders. It helps make you nothing but a GHOST while carrying out online transactions.

No specific founder or company can lay claim to the founding of the GHOST network. It is maintained and operated by the community.

The transactions carried out on the network displays anonymity by Ring Confidential Transactions (RCT-CT), masking the transmitter, receiver and the expanse transacted.

As its name implies, Ghost is known for privacy and the transactions carried out on the network make use of a state of the art escrow pool to protect and delete the transaction history.

Zero-knowledge proofs are used to verify all transactions operated on the GHOST network.

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