Meta Working on Apple Pro Competitor in Partnership with LG

Meta Working on Apple Pro Competitor in Partnership with LG

Earlier this year, tech giant Apple unveiled the Apple Vision Pro giving a glimpse into the company’s upcoming mixed-reality headset. It seems that Facebook-parent Meta has already started working on a challenger to Apple’s Vision Pro. For this, Meta has reportedly joined hands with South Korean tech giant LG. Together they plan to release the successor to the high-end Quest Pro virtual reality headset in 2025.

According to a report by Maeil Business Newspaper, Meta has entered into a joint venture with LG to develop a new headset.

This forthcoming headset is likely to have a price point of approximately $2,000. Additionally, it will incorporate LG displays and components from various LG subsidiaries, including LG Innotek. The report also suggests that Meta is planning to launch a budget-friendly Quest headset in 2024, coming at a price point of under $200.

A $200 price tag would represent a significant reduction in cost for the consumer Quest. The current Quest 2 is priced at $299, following a brief period where Meta attempted to increase its price. Meanwhile, Meta has announced the upcoming Quest 3 at $499. According to the report, the forthcoming high-end headset, the “Meta Quest 4 Pro,” would deviate from Meta’s current practice of maintaining separate numbering for the Quest and Quest Pro lineups.

In contrast, a $2,000 price tag would be roughly double the cost of Meta’s Quest Pro, which initially debuted at $1,499 before being reduced to $999. However, as the report indicates, Meta is likely positioning the new high-end Quest to compete with Apple’s $3,499 Vision Pro headset, which wasn’t available when the Quest Pro was released.

Meta’s Wide Range of VR Offerings

In general, the report aligns with Meta’s previous strategies in the VR industry. Although a $200 headset may seem quite affordable, there have been earlier indications that Meta is working on a budget-friendly headset with the codename Ventura, planned for 2024, with a potential Quest Pro successor following. Meta has a history of releasing joint-branded headsets. For example, the Oculus Rift S featured Lenovo branding, Xiaomi manufactured the low-end Oculus Go, and Samsung produced the mobile Gear VR.

However, it’s important to note that none of these collaborations were considered the flagship Meta/Facebook headsets when they were launched. This differs from Meta’s positioning of the Quest Pro as an innovative VR technology testing ground that will eventually trickle down to its more affordable mass-market products.

While Meta’s partnership with Ray-Ban for smart glasses could be seen as a counterexample, the company described it as an initial venture into augmented reality. If Meta indeed joins forces with LG, the collaboration might serve a similar purpose but with distinctions from its prior partnerships.


Meta Working on Apple Pro Competitor in Partnership with LG

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