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Crypto markets are alive again. Bitcoin soared in late October as markets priced in capital inflows from a Spot ETF approval and crypto-natives front-run TradFi investors. Solana ($SOL) launched Firedancer on testnet, a new validator client from Jump Crypto. It offers a huge performance upgrade and has increased spot buying pressure.

But when looking for the top cryptos to buy right now, investors need to consider the trade after the trade. With $BTC and $SOL already in the spotlight, market participants should consider what comes next. Galaxy Fox (GFOX) is a new dark horse with the potential to capture more than 500% gains easily.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Leading the P2E Race

GameFi has been tipped as one of the leading vectors for growth in this bull run, and Galaxy Fox delivers a runner game but with a Web3 twist. Players can turn acumen into cold, hard cash, with the top 20% of players rewarded at the end of each season. And with the ability to upgrade stats using either $GFOX tokens or any of the 3,000 unique NFTs, players can stack the odds in their favor.

Galaxy Fox as a project is far more than just another Web3 game. It leverages unique tokenomics in the form of buy and sell taxes that ensure a constant stream of revenue that the protocol leverages to expand its ecosystem. Alongside generating revenue from its real-life merchandise that directly contributes to the Treasury fund.

Holders of the $GFOX token can stake their assets. The protocol’s Stargate module acts as the central distribution hub for rewards and allows each staker to earn a proportional volume of the rewards. Smart contracts route 2% of every ecosystem transaction to this staking hub. And the ease of earning passive income makes Galaxy Fox a perfect crypto for beginners.

The $GFOX token employs a deflationary model thanks to the burn permanently removing tokens from circulation, much like Ethereum’s EIP-1559 model. This reduction in supply will exert intense upward pressure on price, and with staggered price increases throughout the presale, early investors can snag an easy 450% return before launch. 


Bitcoin Spot ETF Approval

Bitcoin has proven to be one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy due to its proven reliability as an asset. It has been the market leader for over a decade, and the pending approvals of Spot ETF products promise new capital influxes into the market, making it undoubtedly one of the top cryptos to buy right now.

Bullish analysts have called for $BTC to target a range between $66,295.68 and $78,762.53 in 2024. Investors asking themselves what crypto to buy today cannot go wrong with Bitcoin. But those who want more exciting returns will have to venture further afield, especially towards new projects and presales with solid value propositions such as $GFOX.

Solana ($SOL) Launches Firedancer on Testnet

Solana has been enjoying a huge surge recently. In crypto, there is no better marketing than positive price action, and $SOL has been leading amongst altcoins. The deployment of Firedancer on testnet promises greater scalability and a further reduction in latency.

Jump Crypto is one of the market’s leading infrastructure builders, and this new validator client aims to enhance the Solana network in nearly all aspects. It represents a significant step forward for Solana’s endgame, with the network foreseeably having the capacity to execute close to one million transactions per second. Analysts like this deployment and have forecast $SOL targeting a range high of $93.51 next year.

Closing Thoughts: Huge Gains for Small Caps in 2024

What are the top cryptos to buy right now? The main thing investors need is exposure to the crypto markets. After a brutal bear market, momentum has finally changed, and the next two years offer the potential to generate obscene returns. As always, the greatest upside potential will be found in small-cap projects such as Galaxy Fox.

Presales have proven the most reliable way to turn a small investment into wealth. The Galaxy Fox presale, with its staggered price increases, offers investors a perfect vehicle to enjoy the gains of a small-cap in an up-only market environment.

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