New Study Shows How BTC Can Defeat Censorship

Could bitcoin put an end to censorship? According to a new study conducted by Ville Kokkomaki of the Abo Akademi University in Finland, the answer is “yes.”

Bitcoin: The Worst Enemy of Censorship?

Censorship is a bad thing no matter how you look at it. Countries like the United States, for example, are free and have the status they have because they permit free speech (at least they used to – ask any conservative if they’re allowed to speak freely and they’ll probably shake their head). Censorship is what turns developed countries into third-world nations, and it often gives leaders too much power in what media outlets can and cannot say. Before long, that leader has transformed into a dictator.

According to the study, this is where bitcoin comes in. It reads:

Bitcoin enhances personal autonomy and serves as a form of resistance against financial censorship by enabling borderless, censorship-resistant, and permission-less transactions.

The first thing Ville did as part of his study was to conduct an analysis regarding the number of times bitcoin has been used in non-violent protests. He commented in an interview:

My first impression when I learned about bitcoin and money was how atrocious and unequal the current monetary system is, but there was also hope because now, the people had an alternative.

Focusing on two specific cases (the first involving the U.K.’s Feminist Coalition and the ongoing End SARS movement in Nigeria), Ville found that things like food and water for protestors – as well as medical and legal aid – were provided to protestors throughout both regions using bitcoin and other forms of crypto. In fact, the former group was able to garner more than 38 percent of its funding through BTC.

He also examined the recent Freedom Convoy in Canada, which formed last year following the implementation of unconstitutional COVID vaccine laws. It – along with the other two above-mentioned organizations – was non-violent in nature, yet it faced serious censorship issues on a state level in which government entities tried to silence it either by cutting off its finances or through other means.

Continuing his interview, Ville said:

It (bitcoin) needs a holistic approach, focusing not only on the tool but the context in which that tool is used in [is best]. People who really need bitcoin usually do not have the technical know-how and education to safely use bitcoin, so there is a lot to improve socially and politically in these developing economies.

Helping Those Who Speak the Truth

The study also says:

Bitcoin allows users to securely send, receive, and store value without reliance on any third party, and without violence, enhances personal autonomy and serves as a form of resistance to financial censorship. Policymakers and media outlets should be cautious about overemphasizing the connection between crypto assets and crime.

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