News: crypto influencer Ben Armstrong, known as BitBoy, arrested

Ben Armstrong, also known as BitBoy, has been officially jailed, as confirmed by the local sheriff’s office in Georgia.

Specifically, BitBoy live-streamed an incident in which he attempted to steal a Lamborghini from a former business associate in the company of his mistress (with whom he cheated on his wife). 

During this attempt, he was armed with a gun and was found to be under the influence of drugs. Let’s see below all the details. 

Ben Armstrong: the reasons behind BitBoy’s arrest in the cryptocurrency universe 

As anticipated, Ben Armstrong, the influencer in the cryptocurrency world known as Bitboy Crypto, was arrested last night while trying to confront a former business associate.

Online records from the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Department indicate that Benjamin Charles Armstrong was arrested late Sept. 25, although no specific charges have been filed at this time.

That same evening, Armstrong was live streaming as he attempted to confront his former business partner. 

Many people who watched the live broadcast shared on social media, including X (formerly known as Twitter), who appeared to be there to retrieve his Lamborghini.

However, the situation quickly became complicated, as shown by snippets of the broadcast shared by viewers on X, when police intervened at the scene. During his interview with police, Armstrong claimed to have a weapon in his vehicle. 

This news comes just weeks after the popular YouTube channel Bitboy Crypto, where Armstrong was a regular presence, ruled him out. 

The channel said this move was part of a “long-term commitment to help Ben overcome his substance abuse problem and try to resolve the emotional, physical and financial harm caused to the employees of the Hit network and the Bitboy Crypto community.” 

Ben Armstrong and raising $150,000 in crypto from fans for legal action against former employer

Recently, Ben Armstrong managed to raise up to $150,000 in cryptocurrency from his supporters as he takes legal action against the parent company that removed him from the brand.

The famous crypto-influencer has received significant financial support, with more than $62,000 transferred to his Ethereum wallet from 117 different addresses and $91,000 sent to his Bitcoin address through more than 50 transactions.

These funds were raised in just three days after he asked fans to contribute to his legal defense. Despite his removal from the BitBoy Crypto brand, the crypto community continues to follow Ben Armstrong’s activities with interest. 

Not surprisingly, on his X (formerly Twitter) profile, which has 35,560 followers, the crypto-influencer changed his description, stating: 

“Don’t call me BitBoy anymore. My name is Ben Armstrong. Follow me if you are passionate about cryptocurrencies and are part of $BEN Nation.”

However, Armstrong seems not to have accepted the accusations made by BitBoy Crypto’s parent company and is determined to take legal action.

Just a month ago, the BitBoy Cryptocurrency account on X (formerly Twitter), followed by 1 million people, had announced the dismissal of YouTuber Ben Armstrong. The reason adopted for this decision was Armstrong’s alleged drug abuse, which allegedly caused financial, emotional and physical damage to the company.

The decision to remove him was made by BJ Investment Holdings and its parent company, Hit Network, through decisive legal action.

After being expelled from BitBoy Crypto, Armstrong had sought an emergency injunction against Hit Network CEO TJ Shedd and CFO Timothy Shedd Sr. However, the Georgia court had rejected his request.

Now, Armstrong is turning to his supporters to raise funds needed to proceed with a new legal subpoena.

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