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Cardano has enjoyed a good year, with a price rally in April that saw it sell at $0.46. However, it has yet to reach its 2021 high of about $3.10. Traders have slowed down and it is on a downward spiral.

Meanwhile, DigiToads (TOADS) is flourishing. The budding crypto project amassed a huge presale income of $7 million, in a short matter of months. It has completed its presale and is pushing to start the post-presale run. 

After Successful Presale, DigiToads Gearing up for Post-presale Era

With around 300 million tokens sold, representing upward of 90% of the tokens. The DigiToads project has reached a turning point. Over the past weeks, it has been on a presale, which started in mid-April. The presale was sliced into ten steps, each showing impressive results at the end. On the last lap, presale stage 10, the project was up 400%. 

The success of DigiToads is down to its focus on utility, and a meme coin touch that elevated it in the social platforms. DigiToads runs a meme coin based on the TOAD meme, which has entertained people for over two decades in social media and other online spaces. The love accorded to the meme has uplifted it among its meme coin peers, also looking to dominate.

Nonetheless, its utility basis is the pillar that will take it forward. The basis carries three facets, fundamental to modern crypto projects. It runs a P2E arena, a metaverse, and TOAD NFTs, which give the community a reason to stay longer. 

P2E activates a passive income front, giving gamers additional tokens whenever they top the leaderboards. The gaming arena is divided into several seasons, which last a month. Those involved use special gaming characters from the marketplace, which they use to battle other peers in the same arena for a chance to top the leaderboards.

Beyond the presents received by gamers when they top the leaderboards, the in-game marketplace is another avenue for passive income. 

DigiToads metaverse is built for fun, and interactions, connecting the various parties in the project. The virtual space is a region for learning because it brings all the elements of web3 into one place. Stakeholders can exchange their TOAD tokens in the arena, which also has a gaming marketplace. The community also learns how to navigate the blockchain and the steps taken to stay safe.

The DigiToads world bases its existence on the popularity of frog memes, which have inspired the creation of TOAD NFTs. The creatures create an angle of fun and active income. Further, the immutable assets have necessitated the need for important connections, bringing a platform like OpenSea to mind. 

These connections bring credibility and give a glimpse of other listing collaborations the platform will undertake when officially running. Staking pools complement NFT staking. Ultimately, the two provide a passive income front that makes DigiToads assets worthwhile to hold. The longer the staking pools remain active with some TOAD tokens, the higher the interest. 

ADA Drops below Key Price Level

The crypto market has been stagnating, thanks to the price action of BTC, which has consolidated at $26K. The sideways movement of BTC is doing little to push the altcoins market upwards. One such coin caught in this web is ADA, which is moving below the critical price level. 

The crypto market is in the same position, trading at or about the yearly lows.

ADA has been in the red since Monday when it last saw an impressive rally that pushed it 0.41% up. Currently, it is 90% off its ATH, and little momentum exists to take it there in the days to come.


The wider crypto market is slumping, thanks to the insignificant movements BTC is tracing. The sideway movements are discouraging ADA bulls, who have taken a step back and are waiting for something considerable to take new positions. DigiToads pre-sale has ended successfully, the coin is inspiring the meme coin market and supporters expect TOADS to not only 10X after launching but the project to redefine the broader crypto scene.

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