NFT Fest Lugano 2023: A Spectacular Fusion of Innovation and Culture in the Heart of Switzerland

From 7 to 11 September 2023, the city of Lugano will be transformed into the epicenter of digital innovation, culture and entertainment thanks to NFT Fest, the event for lovers and curiosity seekers of NFT technologies at the cutting edge of Web3.

NFT Fest Lugano promises to be an unparalleled experience bridging the worlds of art, gaming and technology. Featuring a line-up of over 160 internationally renowned speakers, from entrepreneurs to investors, from developers to creators, including The Nemesis CEO Alessandro De Grandi, attendees will have the unique opportunity to participate in workshops, networking sessions and discussions that will delve into the dynamic world of NFT and Web3.

As a sponsor of NFT Fest Lugano, The Nemesis, the Swiss entertainment platform ofering virtual reality experiences, will play a central role in the event experience, also thanks to the creation of an exclusive ad hoc metaverse. By accessing The Nemesis platform, users will be able to move around in a totally innovative digital environment that not only recreates the setting and atmosphere of the city and the festival, but also allows them to try out the features ofered by new technologies to enrich the experience.

The metaverse, which will be available and accessible both from the desktop (via a simple URL link) and from the mobile APP, will ofer an experience enriched by gamifcation, a key aspect that will make the city’s landmarks an active part of the exploration, thanks to dynamic challenges and activities.

Among the brands with virtual counterparts are McDonald’s, Casino Lugano, LUGANODANTE Hotel, and several merchants from Via Nassa, the central shopping street.

The iconic fast food chain will also engage in an exciting phygital activity that will bridge the virtual and real worlds: during the event, anyone visiting the McDonald’s in the metaverse will receive a FREE coupon for a pack of french fries, redeemable at the restaurant on Riva Albertolli 1 street.

Participants also will be able to immerse themselves in a completely new dimension in real life thanks to the use of DOT. This technology, which integrates Augmented Reality and Artifcial Intelligence within The Nemesis platform, will create an unprecedented immersive and interactive experience..

By scanning one of these QR codes, located at various points around the city, with any mobile device, visitors will be taken directly to The Nemesis platform, where an avatar (inspired by the new NFT collection launched by the municipality, “MyLugano Apes”) will welcome them with basic tourist information presented in three diferent languages, Italian, English and German. Each scan will result in the release of a card that can be used on the platform, a real virtual voucher that will grant the user a prize within The Nemesis.

By collecting all the available cards through the various QR code scans, participants will have the chance to win a special prize at the end of this exciting digital treasure hunt.

The revolutionary element of this initiative is its commitment to accessibility and sustainable innovation. Even after NFT FEST is over, the access points marked with QR codes will remain visible and accessible to tourists visiting the city. These points will continue to provide useful information through the use of artifcial intelligence, ensuring an unprecedented information experience.

In addition, this year The Nemesis will partner with the NFT World Cup, the Web3 competition that brings together 32 NFT projects from across the Metaverse industry. This epic battle

combines the excitement of a fghting game with compelling social quests, ofering players the chance to assert their dominance and win attractive prizes.

As a partner, The Nemesis will engage the community with missions and challenges both in the Metaverse and in real life through augmented reality with on-site activities during the festival.

NFT Fest Lugano is an unmissable opportunity to delve into the fascinating world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, to meet industry experts and visionaries of the digital future, to discover new ideas and to become protagonists of the digital future.

Attendees can also use the discount code ‘THENEMESIS’ to receive a 30% discount on Party, VIP and Whale passes, giving access to evening parties celebrating progress and creativity.

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