NSF International New COVID Certificate on VeChain Provides Highest Level of Food Safety

There is currently a lack of methods for judging the level of viruses in food products. Therefore, NSF International, an American non-profit product testing organization, launches VeChain based certification. This information appeared on media resource PRNewswire and was shared on Twitter by the user under the nickname, Eisenreich.

Thus, VeChain ToolChain will be able to control the supply of food and guarantee their safety.

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In common, the monitoring of food for viruses is a complex procedure that requires a lot of effort and technological knowledge.

However, the US non-profit organization will now be able to test products for compliance with public health and safety standards with the issuance of a certificate for tested products.

The likelihood of human infection with COVID-19 through food or packaging insignificant. COVID-19 is a respiratory infection, and the main route transmission of the pathogen is a person’s contact with humans.

However, the number of victims is not decreasing, and it is a good idea to take any measures to prevent a pandemic.

As we can see, not only the authenticity of the product is important, but also the shelf life, delivery, and storage conditions.

Blockchain and IoT technologies can create a system where buyers can verify the authenticity, quality, and even environmental friendliness of products in a few seconds.

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In turn, the main goal of creating the VeChain project is to provide an opportunity for companies and end consumers to receive genuine information about the product, from the moment of its manufacture to its receipt by the client.

Note, the project has an excellent team and an impressive list of partners, which allows us to talk about the great prospects of this cryptocurrency.

VeChain (VET) Prospects

The Singapore project has long been under the scrutiny of many investors. Nevertheless, there has been a particular stir around VeChain over the last time, and not without reason.

Since the launch of the main blockchain network VeChain Thor in June 2018, the team has partnered with large companies than any project in the cryptocurrency market.

The solutions offered by the platform are aimed at transforming digital businesses in a wide variety of industries, such as fashion, automotive, wine, food safety, emission reduction, agriculture, and many others.

The effectiveness of VeChain technologies has already been appreciated by such global corporations as DNV GL Group, PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC), National Research Consulting Center (NRCC) of China, DB Schenker, Kuehne & Nagel, BMW Group, Renault and now NFS International.

VET price breakthrough in 2020, can be facilitated by a change in China’s policy on the blockchain tech, as well as new major collaborations with the project. These things are important factors for the platform’s rapid development in 2020.

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