OpenAI Announces Call for Experts to Join its Red Teaming Network

OpenAI has initiated an open call for its Red Teaming Network, seeking domain experts to enhance the safety measures of its AI models. The organization aims to collaborate with professionals from diverse fields to meticulously evaluate and “red team” its AI systems.

Understanding the OpenAI Red Teaming Network

The term “red teaming” encompasses a wide array of risk assessment techniques for AI systems. These methods range from qualitative capability discovery to stress testing and providing feedback on the risk scale of specific vulnerabilities. OpenAI has clarified its use of the term “red team” to avoid confusion and ensure alignment with the language used with its collaborators.

Over the past years, OpenAI’s red teaming initiatives have evolved from internal adversarial testing to collaborating with external experts. These experts assist in developing domain-specific risk taxonomies and evaluating potential harmful capabilities in new systems. Notable models that underwent such evaluation include DALL·E 2 and GPT-4.

The newly launched OpenAI Red Teaming Network aims to establish a community of trusted experts. These experts will provide insights into risk assessment and mitigation on a broader scale, rather than sporadic engagements before significant model releases. Members will be selected based on their expertise and will contribute varying amounts of time, potentially as little as 5-10 hours annually.

Benefits of Joining the Network

By joining the network, experts will have the opportunity to influence the development of safer AI technologies and policies. They will play a crucial role in evaluating OpenAI’s models and systems throughout their deployment phases.

OpenAI emphasizes the importance of diverse expertise in assessing AI systems. The organization is actively seeking applications from experts worldwide, prioritizing both geographic and domain diversity. Some of the domains of interest include Cognitive Science, Computer Science, Political Science, Healthcare, Cybersecurity, and many more. Familiarity with AI systems is not a prerequisite, but a proactive approach and unique perspective on AI impact assessment are highly valued.

Compensation and Confidentiality

Participants in the OpenAI Red Teaming Network will receive compensation for their contributions to red teaming projects. However, they should be aware that involvement in such projects might be subject to Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) or remain confidential for an indefinite duration.

Application Process

Those interested in joining the mission to develop safe AGI for the benefit of humanity can apply to be a part of the OpenAI Red Teaming Network. 

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