OpenAI Trillion Dollar Move May Send AI Crypto Coins ‘Parabolic’

Artificial intelligence (AI) intelligence platform Token Metrics has highlighted OpenAI CEO Sam Altman’s pursuit of trillions of dollars for a new AI chip project as a potential significant opportunity for AI crypto tokens.

The intelligence platform declared that if Altman is successful, there is a potential to see AI crypto coins go “parabolic.”

OpenAI’s Actions Could Drive Significant Growth for AI Crypto Tokens

A recent report from The Wall Street Journal states that Altman is engaging in discussions with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to secure between $5 trillion and $7 trillion in fundraising. This is in an effort to support OpenAI in addressing its current challenges.

“The fundraising plans, which face significant obstacles, are aimed at solving constraints to OpenAI’s growth, including the scarcity of the pricey AI chips required to train large language models behind AI systems such as ChatGPT.”

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Token Metrics claim that if Altman can pull this is off there is a potential for huge price gains in the AI crypto token sector.

“If he manages to raise that much we could see, many AI coins go parabolic.”

Top 5 AI and Big Data Tokens by Market Cap. Source: CoinMarketCap

Token Metrics outlines 5 AI crypto tokens that it believes have potential in the near future. These are BENQI, Onyx, Zephyr Protocol, Banana Gun, GamerCoin.

This comes after crypto exchange Binance highlighted AI crypto tokens as “a winner” in recent times.

AI Crypto Tokens That Token Metrics Believe Have Potential

On January 10, BeInCrypto reported Binance’s observation that AI crypto tokens have become a clear favorite among investors recently.

“Interest in artificial intelligence (“AI”) has experienced an upswing in the last few months, as evident by Google search trends and soaring AI-related token prices.”

Furthermore, Binance highlighted that search results for AI have skyrocketed recently. The exchange suggested that it could be related to the surge in AI crypto tokens in recent times.

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However, it was also recently reported that AI was the leading crypto narrative for the year. According to recent research from industry metrics outlet CoinGecko, AI was by far the most popular crypto narrative in 2023.

In 2023, Akash Network (AKT) gained the most among AI tokens, surging 1,247% from January to its 2023 peak of $2.56 on December 22.

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