Opera GX Integrates AI Tool for Improved Gaming Experience

Opera GX Integrates AI Tool for Improved Gaming Experience

Gaming browser Opera GX has announced an integration of the ChatGPT-powered AI feature Aria to improve the gaming experience for users. Aria was first launched on the flagship Opera browser in May to make it easier for users to search the web, find quick answers to questions and write code. It is currently available in over 180 countries and has over a million beta users.

Opera GX Early Bird users will be able to interact with the browser AI that is designed to provide helpful tips and the latest gaming news. The AI tool is able to use real-time internet data to provide up-to-date answers to user queries. Gamers will be able to get specific answers to gaming-related questions such as the release date of a game of their choice or how to begin a streaming career. The company provided examples of how gamers can use the feature, such as customizing character bios for Baldur’s Gate.

In addition, Aria is linked to the AI Prompts feature that Opera released earlier this year. The feature enables users to generate AI prompts, summarize text, and compose social media posts. Users can also highlight text within the browser to receive more information and prompts.

Aria is a “user-controlled experience”, which means that users have to opt in before they can use it. To use the AI tool, Opera GX users will have to enable “Early Brid” in their browser settings. After this they can enable the “Aria Extension” and “Aria Command Line”. Users will also be able to display a sidebar where they interact with the AI tool and then return to their regular browsing using a command line: Ctrl + / on Windows and Cmd + / on Mac.

Opera first announced Aria in May and revealed that the tool was based on its “Composer” infrastructure and connects to OpenAI’s GPT technology. According to the company, the browser’s proprietary Composer architecture supports connections to other AI models, a feature that could be used to expand Aria’s functionality in the future.


Opera GX Integrates AI Tool for Improved Gaming Experience

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