Orbs Partners with Axelar to Introduce Its Tokens on Arbitrium Ecosystem

Orbs Partners with Axelar to Introduce Its Tokens on Arbitrium Ecosystem

Orbs, a leading blockchain infrastructure project has announced a strategic partnership with Axelar to introduce its tokens into the Arbitrum ecosystem. This strategic expansion is poised to offer users a more streamlined experience when interacting with the ORBS token.

Blockchain technology has long promised revolutionary changes in various industries, yet challenges related to scalability and transaction costs have remained significant barriers to mainstream adoption.

Ethereum, one of the most prominent smart contract platforms, has experienced these growing pains first-hand, with network congestion and high gas fees hindering smooth and cost-effective transactions. Therefore, the introduction of the ORBS token to Arbitrum marks a turning point in addressing these challenges.

Arbitrum, a major Layer-2 solution, acts as a scaling protocol for Ethereum by processing transactions off the main network while maintaining its security guarantees. With this partnership, users of the ORBS token can expect significantly lower gas costs and faster transaction speeds, paving the way for a more seamless and cost-effective experience.

This decision is a testament to Orbs’ commitment to remaining blockchain-agnostic and fostering interoperability. It also aligns seamlessly with recent developments on the Arbitrum network, including advancements like dTWAP and dLIMIT on the Chronos DEX, as well as Y2K’s DeFi Notifications integration.

Axelar’s Role in Revolutionizing Interoperability

At the heart of this transformation lies Axelar’s innovative Satellite Bridge, a technology that simplifies the transfer of assets between different blockchain networks. Users can now leverage Axelar’s Satellite Bridge to smoothly migrate their ORBS tokens from Ethereum to Arbitrum, harnessing the strengths of both networks.

Axelar’s capabilities extend far beyond enabling this migration. With a track record of over 700,000 cross-chain swaps and a staggering transaction volume of more than $1.8 billion, the Axelar network is proving its potential to revolutionize cross-chain communication in the blockchain industry.

Ran Hammer, Vice President of Biz Dev at Orbs, aptly describes the significance of this strategic move, saying that, “this strategic move represents a significant milestone for Orbs. By expanding our ecosystem to Arbitrum, we are taking a momentous step towards enhancing user experience and addressing long-standing scalability challenges.”

The integration of Orbs with Arbitrum couldn’t be timelier. With a Total Value Locked (TVL) surpassing $2 billion, Arbitrum has quickly evolved into a thriving ecosystem for Decentralized Applications (dApps). The platform has seen a surge in new wallets initiating transactions since the start of the year, even surpassing Ethereum on certain occasions in the second quarter.

The integration of the ORBS blockchain onto the Arbitrum network is expected to usher in reduced gas costs and improved transaction speeds, presenting a compelling proposition for both current and potential users. This expansion in utility can potentially attract a wider audience and increase the adoption of Orbs tokens across various use cases.


Orbs Partners with Axelar to Introduce Its Tokens on Arbitrium Ecosystem

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