Plair Partners TRON-based Project to Bring Decentralized Gaming into VeChain

Plair, a VeChainThor-based decentralized gaming platform, has recently partnered with a TRON-based blockchain project, JustBet, to bring decentralized gaming into the VeChain blockchain network, Plair has said in an update today, August 22.

Plair, a platform that allows people to watch, play, and talk about gaming, showed excitement on the partnership after working with JustBet for the past few months as an ally and advisor.

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JustBet is a decentralized gaming dapp platform that lets users use their wallets in a secure and efficient way to stake into the game of chance like dice, poker, roulette wheels, and lotteries among others. The platform helps reduce costs by eliminating middlemen.

With the official token of JustBet, WINR, users can seamlessly stake into games and also earn via the token. WINR, a TRON’s TRC20-based token, helps create a bridge between Plair and VeChain and another cross-chain project, hence enhancing the growth of the VeChain ecosystem.

JustBet said it will leverage the collaboration to maturate the blockchain gaming market. This would be achieved by partnering with cross-chain projects and incorporating communities together in a way that will enhance the growth and value in each other’s ecosystem.

The creator of JustBet, Ali Ömer Horzum, said he anticipates a long term partnership with both VeChain and Plair.

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By integrating VeChain Thor on the JustBet platform, users can use the PLA and VET token to play games. Also, with the Proof-of-Authority protocol in the VeChain Thor’s public blockchain, JustBet can enjoy multi-party payments.

In the future, Plair plans integrating smart contracts and the VeChain Thor wallet on the JustBet platform to allow the Plair and VeChain community to have fun while playing games.

The CEO of Plair, Patrick Tang, partnering JustBet platform and adding PLA and VET token to the gaming ecosystem was the beginning of good things.

He explained that the partnership will benefit the three companies, and it is expected that more utility will be added for PLA and VET on platforms outside of VeChain.

JustBet will be integrating VET-based projects into its platform via cross-chain integration with VeChain.

Plair is the first and most important ICO completed on the VeChain network, and the first to get this novel integration with JustBet.

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