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InQubeta ($QUBE) could be the best cryptocurrency to invest in this year, thanks to its incredible growth potential that’s powered by its creative approach to opening up investments in artificial intelligence (AI). $QUBE prices have almost doubled in value early on in the presale, and prices are set to rise 3x by the time the event ends.

Bitcoin ($BTC) investors have watched the value of their holdings decrease substantially in the past month, but a new floor appears to have been found at around the $25k mark. $BTC prices have grown by over 3% in the past week as a bullish pattern forms.

Best cryptocurrency to invest in: InQubeta ($QUBE) shows the potential for 30x growth

$QUBE prices are projected to grow by as much as 30x once tokens are available on exchanges, and that’s a conservative estimate. The InQubeta project has so many things going in its favor that it will likely enjoy substantially more growth than that once the presale is concluded.

The InQubeta project helps to advance artificial intelligence, and companies in that space have enjoyed lots of investor interest in the past several years. AI investments have grown 10x since 2015, with over $120 billion invested in artificial intelligence today. AI investments are projected to reach $1.5 trillion in the next several years. InQubeta is perfectly placed to help direct a fraction of these funds to startups that need money to advance their projects.

InQubeta also provides an innovative solution for those who have been denied entry to traditional investment mediums. Many investment firms have elitist requirements that often disqualify a majority of the global population from using their services. InQubeta provides an alternative that side steps these barriers, so anyone who wants to be part of the artificial intelligence revolution can invest in the technology.

Excellent tokenomics serves as InQubeta’s solid foundation that positions it for long-term success. $QUBE supply is limited to 1.5 billion and deflationary procedures further cut down the tokens in circulation. $QUBE is currently selling for $0.0133, but tokens could easily be worth more than a dollar within a year as it emerges as a top altcoin.

Investing in AI through InQubeta

AI startups raise capital on the InQubeta ecosystem by creating and selling equity-based ERC20 coins on its Ethereum-based blockchain. These non-fungible tokens (NFTs) substitute stocks on the network, and some give investors other bonuses like a share of financial gains.

Investors buy tokens listed on the InQubeta marketplace with $QUBE, sending more capital to the startups behind the tokens while securing equity in their operations. It’s a win-win for investors and startups. $QUBE can be purchased with cryptos, debit cards, and credit cards.

Bitcoin’s ($BTC) current run could take it up to $150k

Bull patterns have finally emerged on $BTC price charts after losing considerable value for a month. Prices have grown by more than 3% in the past week. Some $BTC investors like Fundstrat’s Tom Lee believe prices could reach $150,000 if one of the pending spot Bitcoin ETFs waiting for a decision from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are approved in the upcoming months.

Bitcoin prices will likely still enjoy a substantial price increase by 2024 even if all these applications are rejected given the halving event due in April 2024. These events increase the difficulty of mining $BTC and cut the rewards miners get in half, reducing the flow of new $BTC onto exchanges.

$BTC prices will have to grow by over 500% to accomplish that feat, but that’s not that impressive next to $QUBE’s projected 3,000% growth.


InQubeta could be the best cryptocurrency to invest in right now as it sets investors up to 3x their capital before its presale ends and has the potential for 30x growth once tokens are launched. Its inventive way of making it easier to invest in artificial intelligence and the $1.5 trillion expected to pour into AI-focused firms position the project for long-term success.

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