Revolutionizing Learning: Growit Owlz’s Exciting Launch and Exclusive Perks Await

The crypto education landscape has remained mostly untouched, waiting for a fresh breeze to revitalize it. That’s what Knowit Owlz aims to do. This brand-new platform is launching on Sept. 22nd and promises to shake up the learning process with its free mint NFTs.

The inception of Knowit Owlz was no accident. Crypto Noah (Vincent Haliburton Jr), a visionary whose journey into the cryptoverse began in 2017, sits at its heart. The world of Forex may have introduced him, but the allure of crypto captivated his soul. By 2020, he incorporated and brought on his first few investors through his crypto hedge fund — Haliburton Capital Group LP — and was determined to make a difference. On the back of concepts like “Crypto Noah” on YouTube, Vince’s idea of creating a space for disruptive learning was born.

With a rich background in crypto learning — backed by blockchain certifications, thought-provoking articles, and hours of free content on his Youtube channel — Vince wasn’t setting sail alone. Guided by a wise mentor, he dreamt bigger for himself and anyone willing to embark on this journey. Knowit Owlz isn’t just about crypto or blockchain trends; it’s about reshaping education, making it more holistic and inclusive.

But here’s where things get interesting. During the launch, which takes place at 4:44 p.m. on Sept. 22nd, if you’re able to secure a Growit Owl, it represents a raffle ticket, granting you a chance to win a free “Knowit Owl.” However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. For a meagre sum of $1.11/ETH after your first free mint, early birds can mint up to 10 GrowitOwlz per wallet, which grants exclusive early access. These aren’t just pretty digital assets; they’re tickets to a world of learning. Owning one of these sought-after NFTs allows users to access one video in each section of their eight-section “Owlcademy” course. To add onto that, Knowit Owlz ensures what you access from each course is the highest-value video from each section.

For those who want to delve even deeper, owning five Growit Owlz gives you exclusive whitelist access to mint a Knowit Owl — their older siblings — before anyone else. A private Discord channel and weekly calls with expert Defi and trading coaches for engaging Q&A sessions will ensure your spot as a key player in this educational revolution.

But why should you trust Knowit Owlz? It’s simple. The group has been through the grind, learned from mistakes, and emerged stronger. The people at the top know the ropes and are keen to guide you every step of the way. Unlike some educational platforms where you’re left to figure things out for yourself, you’ll get the support you need with Crypto Noah and his team.

Knowit Owlz aims to be a household name. These NFTs are more than just digital collectibles; they’re keys to a full-on learning experience. Once you complete the course and graduate, you’ll earn a graduate certificate NFT that opens doors to more learning opportunities, such as live calls, advanced strategy sessions and much more!

What are you waiting for? The clock is ticking toward Sept. 22nd, and an education revolution is on the horizon. Hop on Twitter and follow Knowit Owlz, and join their Discord community to stay in the loop. In the words of Crypto Noah, take your chance toward “blazing a new trail.” Are you ready for this unparalleled adventure in learning?

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