Ripple Launches XRP Ledger Version 1.6.0 for Consensus Mechanism Amendment

The Ripple Network has officially announced the launch of its new XRP Ledger version 1.6.0 which is aimed at introducing several new changes and features to the XRP Ledger consensus mechanism to make it more rugged, this was contained in a blog post made available by Ripple.

This new version introduces three amendments to the XRP Ledger framework; the amendments which include Hardened Validation, fix amendment Majority Calc and fix 1781, are now open for voting under the XRP Ledger amendment process.

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The XRP Ledger protocol will be subject to changes once the XRP ledger amendment process receives over 80% votes from a pool of trusted validators within two weeks, and the implementation of the changes will take effect swiftly. Nevertheless, users who operate an XRP Ledger server are advised to upgrade it to the new version on or before the 2nd of September, 2020, to ensure service continuity.

New Ripple-Based App to Extend XRP Adoption to Billions of People

An application recently launched by Ripple Network and XRP Ledger, identified as Ripay, is set to extend XRP adoption to billions of banked and unbanked people across the globe.

The App was reported to have been awarded the second position at a recently concluded Ripple funded competition, PayID Hackathon, featuring over 360 developers who pitched their innovative ideas to further explore new use cases of the Ripple native token XRP.

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However, the Ripay programmer Kuyawata Kata explained that the app was built with decentralized protocols to further facilitate cross-border transactions across the globe. Kuyawata further disclosed that the app will allow users to make transactions within seconds by just texting a simple message.

Ripay uses the universal payment modifier, PayID, to create a compatible interface with messaging apps such as Telegram, Slack, Matrix, and Discord.

Ex-Goldman Sachs’ Executive Director Joins Ripple

As Ripple continues to work towards the development of it blockchain technology via various means, The San Fransisco-based tech firm recently appointed Aditya Turakhia, an Ex-Goldman Sach’s Executive Director, to serve as the company’s Senior Manager Global Institutional Markets. This, was done with the aim of promoting the company’s activities.

The new Ripple employee was reported to have worked at HSBC before working for over seven years at the American multinational investment company, Goldman Sachs.

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