Roblox integrates XRP as payment method

Xsolla and BitPay now support Ripple’s digital currency for in-game purchases.

Roblox, an online game platform with over 200 million monthly active users, now accepts XRP (XRP) as a payment method, according to an Oct. 17 announcement from BitPay on X (formerly Twitter).

XRP as a payment option is now supported by Xsolla, which manages the in-game payments in Roblox. BitPay will act as a partner responsible for the seamless connection with crypto wallets.

Available on all mainstream platforms, such as Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Roblox counts 65.5 million daily active users, 44% of whom are under age 13. Roblox users spent around $773 million on in-game purchases in the first quarter of 2023.

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Xsolla has been active in its efforts to integrate crypto into its payment system. In August 2022, it partnered with automated crypto management platform Coinchange Financial and live-streaming social Web3 platform TradeZing to develop a nonfungible tokens payment solution. In August 2023, it joined forces with to integrate the latter’s checkout solution into Xsolla’s Pay Station platform.

The partnership between Xsolla and BitPay goes back to 2014 when the service started to accept payments in Bitcoin (BTC). In September 2023, BitPay and Xsolla rolled out PayPal USD (PYUSD) payments for merchants and consumers.

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