Ronaldinho Allegedly Tied To 2% Daily Return Crypto Scam, No-Show in Court

Former football legend Ronaldinho has reportedly avoided attending a court hearing over allegations that his company operated a crypto scam.

“After the breakup, the former player was involved in a pyramid and his image, given his credibility and popularity, encouraged thousands of people to invest in a fraud, which caused damage to them”, the prosecutor declared.

Allegations of Promising High Returns Under Scrutiny

According to a recent local report, Ronaldinho allegedly could not make his court hearing in Brazil due to bad weather. As a consequence, airlines had to cancel flights to Porto Alegre, where the hearing was scheduled.

The report states that Ronaldinho along with his brother Assis and business partner Marcelo Lara, were set to appear in court and give testimony to the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry. The allegations assert that the company owned by the trio, 18K Ronaldhino, operated a cryptocurrency pyramid scheme.

The guaranteed high daily returns allegedly caught the attention of authorities:

“The company claimed to work with cryptocurrency trading and arbitration and promised its clients income of up to 2% per day, allegedly based on operations with digital currencies, which raised suspicions that it was a financial pyramid due to promises of high and fast payment returns.”

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The report indicates that the police might ensure Ronaldinho’s presence in court. It also suggests that his fame will not provide any special privileges in the legal proceedings:

“Why? It is not because of the condition of being a player or not, of being rich or poor, and Mr. Ronaldinho has a lot to say to this CPI and to the Brazilian people, he and his partners,’ the prosecutor allegedly declared.

This is a developing story and more information will be added as it becomes available.

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