SBF’s Lawyers Dispute Last-Minute ‘Millions of Pages’ Evidence Dump

Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) lawyers assert that United States Prosecutors are engaging in unethical behavior, creating obstacles for SBF to receive a fair trial.

One of the several arguments recently presented was that the “government cannot be allowed to dump millions of pages on the defense less than six weeks before trial.”

SBF Lawyers Allege It Is Unfair Treatment

In a recent court filing, SBF’s lawyers challenged the internet connection in his jail cell and further alleged that US prosecutors are withholding evidence against FTX and Alameda Research.

The lawyer’s argue that the prosecutor’s recent disclosure of an additional“4 million pages of discovery,” just weeks before the trial, hinders SBF’s chance for a fair defense. They further point out that it is unlikely for him to have enough time to see and prepare a legal defense with this new evidence:

“The Government has no plans whatsoever to produce the documents to Mr. Bankman-Fried in the MDC for his review.”

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The lawyers argue that SBF has been working around the clock to prepare his defense, and the intense last minute ramp-up will be impossible to prepare in time:

“Before his bail was revoked, Mr. Bankman-Fried was spending 80-100 hours a week reviewing the voluminous discovery and creating detailed analyses that he could update constantly and share with his attorneys.”

Internet Access Is Unreliable In Jail

SBF’s lawyers strongly state that the jail’s poor internet access is making It difficult for him to build a defense. They argued that problems with connectivity and power are causing significant issues:

“The laptop has limited battery life and no power outlet in the cell block to charge it, and the internet connection is weak and was down for more than half of the two sessions thus far.”

The filing further asserts that the blockage of SBF not allowed to share files with his legal team also hinders collaborating with his legal defense on a defense.

“The laptop does not permit Mr. Bankman-Fried to view, build, edit, or share work product with his attorneys,” it argues, pointing to not being able to access most of his preparation:

“The laptop does not give Mr. Bankman-Fried access to the extensive work product that he has already created, which exists in his Google Docs folder, so he cannot build on work that he has already done.”

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