Shiba Inu (SHIB) Shows Real Signs of Reversal: Data

The crypto market went through peaks and troughs recently, and SHIB is no exception. However, recent data suggests that this meme coin might be gearing up for a comeback. Let’s dig into the numbers and the narrative.

First off, the volume. As the price of SHIB has been descending, so has the trading volume. It shows one thing clearly: the trend is fading. The descending volume, coupled with a declining price, often signals that the downward momentum is losing steam. It is as if the market is running out of reasons to push the asset any lower.

Source: TradingView

But there is more to this story. Shiba Inu recently had a successful relaunch of its Shibarium Layer 2 solution. It is like a tech company rolling out a much-anticipated software update; it rejuvenates the ecosystem and injects a dose of optimism. The Shibarium relaunch has added a layer of credibility and utility to SHIB, making it more than just a meme coin.

The market seems to be running out of excuses to devalue SHIB. The declining volume and price, coupled with successful tech updates, create a backdrop where a reversal seems more than just wishful thinking.

XRP still fighting

XRP does not seem to give up. The asset has been trying to find its footing, especially after a recent attempt to rebound. However, today’s market paints a different picture — one that is a bit more complex and intriguing.

Let’s talk about selling pressure first. The weekend, usually a time for smaller retail investors to make their moves, did not show this kind of pressure. It is as if the big fish, the institutional investors, are still betting on XRP to slide further down the slope.

But here’s where it gets interesting. Weekends are often less influenced by large investors and more by retail traders. The absence of increased selling pressure over the weekend could be a subtle hint.

What is the main takeaway? XRP is in a fascinating spot. On the one hand, increased selling pressure today could be a sign of things to come. On the other hand, calm weekend trading suggests that the asset might still have a fighting chance to conquer the 200 EMA price level. It is like a chess game where both players are down to their last few pieces; every move counts, and it is far from clear who will come out on top.

Solana needs more liquidity

The volume of SOL has hit a new low, and it is not just a blip on the radar; it is a sign of something deeper. But before you jump to conclusions, let’s dissect the situation.

First is the descending volume. It is like the fading echo of a song, signaling that the crowd might be losing interest. But here’s the twist: the infamous death cross, often a harbinger of doom, does not seem to be making much of an impact. It is as if the market is saying, “Nice try, but you’re not scaring us this time.”

Now, let’s talk liquidity, or rather, the lack thereof. Solana is not struggling because of some inherent flaw; it is more like a talented actor on a poorly lit stage. The market is not providing enough liquidity for SOL to truly shine. It is not a question of “is Solana good or bad?” but rather “is the market giving Solana a fair chance?”

But wait, there’s a silver lining. Fundamentally, Solana is showing signs of growth, especially when you look at the total value locked (TVL) in its ecosystem. It is like a tree in winter, seemingly lifeless but with buds waiting to bloom. The fundamentals are solid; it is market conditions that are throwing a wrench in the works.

What’s the game plan? Solana is at a juncture where external factors are muddying the waters. The low volume and liquidity issues are like fog on a highway, making it hard to see what’s ahead. But remember, fog lifts, and when it does, the road becomes clear.

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