Shiba Inu (SHIB) Users Should Pay Attention to This to Stay Safe: Details

With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies comes a risk that concerns all in the crypto space: phishing scams.

Crypto phishing scams frequently target information about online wallets, specifically crypto wallet private keys, which are needed to access funds in the wallet.

Since last year, there has been a considerable increase in cryptocurrency phishing, with some crypto users falling prey to such fraud.

Given this, the Shiba Inu team continues to take it upon itself to enlighten and assuage their concerns.

Shiba Inu team member Lucie shares her thoughts on how to stay safe after falling victim to a phishing link in the past.

Bearing in mind the golden rule of always exercising caution and confirming authenticity before connecting wallets to any website, Lucie advises against using one’s regular wallet for any first-time try.

Instead, a wallet containing a tiny amount might be used to test it out, and once all security checks pass, one may proceed with a regular wallet.

Other safety measures

A frequent method for crypto phishers is to mimic a legitimate website’s user interface while inserting malicious code for the login or Wallet Connect portion, resulting in stolen passwords or even stolen seed phrases.

Users should therefore exercise caution and always double-check the website URL with which they are logging in or connecting their crypto wallet. They should also exercise caution when it comes to links and attachments.

Keep in mind that malicious actors can create fake websites and platforms to entice unsuspecting individuals. In this sense, users should confirm the authenticity of a website before entering any sensitive information.

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