Shiba Memu’s AI Evolution vs. Pikamoon’s Pikaverse Expansion: Price Breakouts Ahead?

2023 has seen a plethora of new crypto projects break out, perfect for those seeking to benefit from exciting new technological developments. Two names have particularly hit the public consciousness: Pikamoon, currently undergoing an expansion and a new meme coin that’s harnessing the power of AI, Shiba Memu.

With exciting price predictions for both platforms, experts are exploring the most promising cryptocurrency. The answer lies in understanding the key features of both platforms, potential, and the exciting future ahead.

What is Shiba Memu?

Shiba Memu (SHMU) is a new meme coin attracting serious attention across digital markets rather than just meme coin enthusiasts and being another playful pup with mischievous charm. With the power of AI to help the token market itself among online communities, Shiba Memu could produce seismic returns.

By harnessing the power of machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and sentiment analysis, Shiba Memu can retrieve and understand organic mentions of Shiba Memu online, assessing feelings towards the platform. The algorithm then creates appropriate marketing strategies to help increase its user base and numbers.

This provides Shiba Memu with a considerable bite to go with its bark as it growls and shoos away other meme coins, hoping to overtake them and become the pack’s leader. Built as an ERC-20 token, SHMU harnesses the power of the blockchain to provide users with a seriously stable platform to underpin the pioneering AI capability.

How does Shiba Memu work?

The SHMU token fuels the entire Shiba Memu ecosystem, from allowing the development of the AI capability to unlocking user access to the platform’s comprehensive and engaging suite of features. Of the AI technologies, NLP provides a couple of central facets of Shiba Memu’s tail-wagging capability, from sniffing out mentions of the project online to allowing users to interact with the platform via the interactive AI dashboard.

Rather than the owner rewarding the pet for good behaviour, Shiba Memu dolls out the treats to helpful coin holders. Using a ChatGPT-style AI chatbot, users can provide the platform with feedback, including suggestions for new platforms to target its promotional activities. When a recommendation is adopted, crypto rewards topple into the user’s wallet.

Shiba Memu’s appeal goes well beyond its platform capability. The ICO is structured in a particularly appealing manner. Rather than releasing a set amount of coins in phases, the SHMU token launched at $0.011125 before increasing by $0.000225 daily — meaning that day-one buyers have already seen their assets rise by 105.17%.

The presale has already raised $2.2m in a few weeks, emphasizing its appeal, and with time running out in the 60-day ICO, the window of opportunity for potential holders is rapidly closing before the coin reaches $0.0244, a rise of 119.33% from its launch price, and releases on the Bitmart exchange.

SHMU price prediction

SHMU is currently available for just $0.022825 as it makes inroads into the $20 billion valued meme coin sector. Analysts expect a massive surge in demand and price once it hits public crypto exchanges, with attention turning to price predictions for the rest of this year and beyond. Shiba Memu is attracting worldwide attention as one of the most promising cryptos in 2023.

Experts looking at SHMU price forecast that SHMU could land around the $0.25 mark by the end of this year before catapulting beyond $1 by 2025.

Pikamoon: Gaming and NFT mining bunny hopping on Pokemon’s popularity

Pikamoon is a GameFi token that offers users an engaging NFT-powered play-to-earn (P2E) gaming experience in a virtual world known as the Pikaverse. The blend of gaming and blockchain technology is already proving popular with users and GameFi fans, with the rich mix of NFTs and unique species. Players are waiting to discover many secret ‘easter eggs’ and loot as they explore the Pikaverse.

The native PIKA coin has several uses, from minting NFTs to purchasing items from the online marketplace. The coin also rewards users as they accumulate success throughout the game.

The gaming industry is currently worth around $135 billion annually and is increasing, giving Pikamoon a vast market to aim at. However, Pikamoon has several hurdles to overcome to establish itself fully. Firstly, Pikamoon has been criticized for being a rip-off of Pokemon and is unlikely to eat into the latter’s fanbase. Meanwhile, with NFTs becoming increasingly seen as last year’s fad, many GameFi fans may bypass Pikamoon for more rewarding opportunities.

Pikamoon outlook

Once the Pikamoon ICO concludes, it will list at $0.0006 per token. Experts are now forecasting a future price for PIKA, with predictions of $0.0008 by the end of 2023 before potentially hitting $0.001 by 2025. This would represent a minimal improvement from its presale price. However, these price predictions are eclipsed by those of the hot dog SHMU.

Shiba Memu vs. Pikamoon

While Pikamoon looks like a GameFi project with solid fundamentals, as soon as you scratch beneath the surface, there are plenty of hurdles for the platform to overcome to challenge some big-name blockchain gaming names.

Meanwhile, Shiba Memu embeds pioneering AI technologies to market itself online and increase its fame. It will attempt to mount the podium as the top dog in the meme coin market, trusting that the token’s solid fundamentals and self-improvement capability could make this an irresistible opportunity.

You can find out more about SHMU here.

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