SONIK Crypto Presale Passes the $1 Million Mark, Ends Tomorrow – Hot New Meme Coin

Sonik Coin, the newest memecoin inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog, has blown past the $1 million milestone in its presale in less than three weeks, now approaching $1.5 million raised. The rush to get this token is on as the ICO is closing in a day.

With only 24 hours remaining, new buyers are arriving in a bid to become early movers before the token goes live on Uniswap. There are rumors that the token will be listed on the DEX as early as Saturday of this week.

In addition to being a memecoin, Sonik Coin (SONIK) also sports a unique staking utility – Stake to Speed – which rewards holder with a double-digit APY.

What is Sonik Coin

Sonik Coin is a memecoin inspired by Sega’s multi-billion dollar video game and movie series. It uses the same imagery but meme-ifies it with a comedic take.

The haphazard drawing of Sonik the Hedgehog with lazy eyes and a disproportionate body forms the perfect meme on which to bank this memecoin and is reminiscent of other recently successful coins that hit the ground running.

As Sonic prides itself on being the fastest hedgehog in the Universe, Sonik the Hedgehog aims to become the fastest token to reach a $100 million market capitalization.

While it has no affiliation with the original character, Sonic the Hedgehog, it has embraced its theme of speed that permeates throughout its utility and tokenomics. These aspects have led crypto experts like No BS Crypto to bill it as one of the top 3 Tiny crypto coins that can give the highest returns in 2023.

Stake to Speed

While the viral potential of this token can be deemed enough for it to attract more buyers, Sonik Coin is taking a step towards utility that makes it separate from other shitcoins that have been released this year – staking.

Calling this utility Stake to Speed, Sonik still allows users to lock their tokens inside the staking pool and generate massive passive returns.

Over $41.4 billion $SONIK tokens have been staked so far in the pool, with a reward of 9,125 tokens per staking block. It means that stakers can earn an estimated yield of 58%.

As more tokens are added to the pool, the APY figures will drop. However, the presence of staking utility gives Sonik Coin long-term upsides that one can’t find in other memecoins.

Conventionally, memecoins often go through a massive boom and bust cycle, with the latter cycle bringing the end to their relevance. With Sonik Coin, however, the staking utility, which will distribute tokens over the next four years, gives it the possibility of long-term upside.

Those who invest in SONIK during its presale will be able to lock their tokens immediately into the pool to earn APY. With the lock period of only seven days, these investors won’t need to wait for long to make passive gains.


The second attribute through which Sonik Coin pays homage to Sonic the Hedgehog is its tokenomics. There are 299,792,458,000 in total, which is equivalent to the speed of light and the speed at which Sonic the Hedgehog can run.

50% of this has been dedicated to the presale, during which one SONIK coin is being offered at a discount price of $0.000014.

Potential to Go 100x

Many top-tier crypto YouTubers have billed it as the next crypto to go 100x once it goes live on Uniswap. They attribute their bullish perspective to the token’s viral potential and the unique staking utility that makes it stand out from other memecoins.

Top crypto analyst Michael Wrubel, with over 300k subscribers on YouTube, has billed Sonik Coin as the next $1,000,000 crypto.

Crypto Alert also believes that this token has major upsides, and Crypto Gains has tipped Sonik Coin to have the potential to go 20x after its launch.

Jacob Crypto Bury, a crypto YouTuber with over 21.4k subscribers on YouTube, has pegged Sonik Coin as the next best meme.

Audited Meme Coin Project

Sonik Coin’s team is anonymous, which is common with most memecoins. However, the project has been audited with OX guard, and the results of the same are publicly available – nothing wrong has been found so far.

With only one day remaining to buy this token during the presale, those seeking to become early movers must act fast by visiting website.

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