Sorare Launches 3D Football Player Cards with Augmented Reality

Sorare Launches 3D Football Player Cards with Augmented Reality

Web3 fantasy sports platform Sorare has announced the launch of its 3D digital football player cards with built-in Augmented Reality (AR) features. This bold move aims to revolutionize the way fans interact with their favorite football players and take fantasy sports to a whole new level.

Sorare Unveils a New Era of Fantasy Sports Interaction

To celebrate this groundbreaking development, Sorare is hosting its inaugural auction of 3D digital football player cards, commencing on September 13. The spotlight of this auction will be on stars from the English Premier League, including Erling Haaland, Marcus Rashford, and Bukayo Saka.

The 2023/24 season promises to be a landmark moment in Sorare’s journey, and fans can expect nothing less than a revolution in the sports fan experience. Sorare has always been at the forefront of innovation, and this latest announcement is no exception. Through this new innovation, Sorare seeks to inject more emotion and desirability into its already popular platform.

A spokesperson for Sorare emphasized in a recent report stating that “by making these cards 3D, with an AR feature, we want to bring more emotion in our cards and make them more desirable for all sports fans.”

The introduction of 3D digital football player cards adds a whole new layer of depth and immersion to the Sorare experience. Instead of flat, static images, users will now have access to lifelike, three-dimensional representations of their favorite football stars. This not only enhances the visual appeal but also creates a more authentic connection between fans and the players they support.

What truly sets Sorare’s 3D digital football player cards apart is the integration of AR. With the introduction of the Sorare App’s AR functionality, fans can now take their virtual football experience beyond the screen and into their everyday lives.

Sorare Introduces Global Scavenger Hunt

Additionally, Sorare has introduced a global Scavenger Hunt that promises participants a “once-in-a-lifetime trip” as the grand prize. The heart of the Scavenger Hunt lies in the world of crypto, specifically Ethereum (ETH). Participants will embark on a quest to uncover hidden words that, when pieced together, will unlock a key to an Ethereum wallet.

This wallet holds the treasure, and the lucky winner who unravels the mystery will embark on a unique adventure that awaits. Over the course of the next seven days, Sorare will release teaser videos containing cryptic clues to aid participants in their quest.

The first video, filmed in the vibrant city of London, was unveiled on Sorare’s social media platforms, signaling the start of this thrilling adventure. Each video promises to be a visual delight while also providing essential hints to guide participants on their journey.

Sorare’s Scavenger Hunt is a smart move to widen its appeal to a broader audience of sports lovers, including those who may be unfamiliar with the intricacies of crypto This endeavor comes on the heels of Sorare’s recent launch of an in-game currency wallet, which allows users to buy and sell cards using fiat money, making it more accessible and user-friendly for everybody.


Sorare Launches 3D Football Player Cards with Augmented Reality

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