Stablecoin USDC Expands to Base and Optimism Networks

Stablecoin USDC Expands to Base and Optimism Networks

Circle’s native stablecoin USDC has recently launched on two Layer-2 networks – Base and Optimism. this launch will allow the Circle account holders to send USDC from their accounts to either of the networks.

Coinbase also announced that it has made USDC transfer available to Base. Circle has stated that it is collaborating with “ecosystem partners” to create a mechanism enabling users to exchange outdated, bridged editions of USDC for the new, authorized versions.

Coinbase’s Base network was inaugurated on August 9, but initially, neither Coinbase nor Circle account holders could send USDC directly to the Base network from their exchange or Circle accounts. Instead, users had to depend on a bridged version of USDC known as “USDbC” for their US dollar transactions. On August 29, Circle’s CEO, Jeremy Allaire, announced that a native version of USDC would become available “next week,” although no specific date was provided.

As of September 5, the official announcement confirms that the coin is now accessible natively on Base. Additionally, on the same day, Coinbase’s interface began displaying an option for transferring USDC to Base.

Despite this official launch, several decentralized exchanges on the network continue to utilize the older version of the coin. At the time of this publication, platforms like Uniswap, BaseSwap, Aerodrome, Maverick, and others still display the old contract address when users select the stablecoin.

Launching USDC Stablecoin on Optimism Network

The announcement highlights the launch of USDC on Optimism, offering a replacement for the previously used USDC.e token within the network. However, it’s worth noting that Optimism’s decentralized exchanges (DEXs) do not yet seem to have integrated the new version.

Circle said that businesses and institutions can access on/off-ramps for $USDC to OP Mainnet and Base through Circle Account. Circle Account streamlines the process of depositing USDC from one chain and withdrawing USDC from another, avoiding the associated costs and delays of lock-and-mint bridging.

Developers can further harness the potential of native $USDC for building on a secure foundation that boasts official support from Circle, ensuring long-term stability. Furthermore, users can easily access OP Mainnet USDC and Base USDC directly from Coinbase and subsequently withdraw to an EVM-compatible digital wallet such as Coinbase Wallet.


Stablecoin USDC Expands to Base and Optimism Networks

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